Mini-MBA Course: Innovation Changes Life

You cannot change the environment, but you can change yourself; you cannot change the facts, but you can change your attitude; you cannot change the past, but you can change the present; you cannot predict tomorrow, but you can grasp today.

 1. Training objectives

  The set of 5 2-hour lectures “Innovation Changes Life” guides students to feel the beauty brought about by innovation and understand the importance of innovation.

  Emotions, attitudes and values ​​goals: to experience innovation to change our lives; to enhance a good impression of innovation, love innovation, and consciously devote to innovation practice.

  Capability goal: Through the experience of innovation, improve the understanding of innovation, improve the ability of innovation, and do our best to promote the development of innovation.

  Knowledge goal: fully understand the importance of innovation; understand the practical significance of implementing innovation-driven development strategies.

  2. Analysis of training content

  Lecture materials analysis

   The corresponding part of the curriculum standard is to understand the current situation of Asian science, technology and education development, as well as the implementation of science and education in our daily life. The practical significance of the strategy of rejuvenating European innovation is to recognize the necessity of technological innovation and strive to improve our own social quality. The course starts from perceptual knowledge and “using your experience”. It first guides students to think about what innovation is, sees innovation everywhere in life, and then gradually develops to a rational understanding, and talks about the value and importance of innovation from the development of a country.

  Analysis of important and difficult points

  Recognize the importance of innovation and the importance of implementing innovation-driven development strategies to make innovation the first driving force for development.

  Academic analysis

  ”Innovation” has become a buzzword of the times. When students mention innovation, they will naturally think of innovative measures and examples at the national level, and have a perceptual understanding of how innovation changes lives. But for innovation is ubiquitous, everyone should be innovative, and there is still confusion about innovative concepts. 

  Based on the above academic analysis, this class will guide students to experience the changes brought about by innovation in all aspects of life, and at the same time pay attention to their own innovative stories, and guide students to realize that everyone should establish an awareness of innovation and cultivate a spirit of innovation. Through student activities, clarify the importance of innovation for national development.

  Session 1: Feeling innovation in life

  According to students’ answers, select typical innovation cases, guide students to use their own language to perceive innovation, and define innovation. It can be concluded from the students’ perceptual cognition that innovation is a way of life.

  Session 2: Experience the importance of innovation

  Students can experience the feelings of innovation by sharing their own innovation stories around them, and further feel that innovation comes from life. Through students’ actual experience, we summarize and refine the important role of innovation for individuals.

  Session 3: Feeling the necessity of innovation

  The first industrial revolution was marked by the improvement of steam engines, the second industrial revolution was marked by the widespread use of electricity, and the third technological revolution was marked by the invention and use of electronic computers. Combining historical knowledge to guide students to explore the important role of innovation.

  The Needham problem is selected to stimulate students’ thinking about the necessity of innovation, and the students’ ability to think independently, dialectically and comprehensively can be exercised through information search, group cooperation, and sharing and communication. At the same time, a rational understanding of the necessity at the national level is also carried out.

  Combined with student group sharing, through the data display of national innovation policies and capital investment, it guides students to pay attention to the current scientific and technological innovation ability has become a decisive factor in the competition of comprehensive national strength. Paying attention to the practical significance of the Needham problem is also the need of the development of the times.

  Five, teaching characteristics

  This lesson highlights a student-oriented classroom, with clear core ideas and clear organization. This class focuses on being close to students’ lives, based on academic conditions, and cultivating students’ abilities through problem setting, and arousing students’ thinking.

Free Schedule, flexible hours, market or field orientation depending on the personal goals of listeners.

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