“Sihong Vows” – the flower of compassion (Chan Meditation)

Sihong vows that exercises compassion from near and far, from small to large, from shallow to deep. It depends on how strong one is, and then slowly spread it out.” There are boundless vows of all beings, endless worries, vows to break, boundless vows to learn, and the supreme vows.

The Sihong vows always have a compassionate heart to save themselves and others. Sihong thinking contains two aspects, “wisdom” and “compassion.” Compassion should be guided by wisdom, and wisdom should be implemented with compassion. Compassion is to give happiness to all beings, and compassion is to save all beings from the pain.

All living beings are free from the sea of ​​suffering, taking the suffering of all living beings as their own suffering, and replacing their own happiness with the suffering of all living beings. I feel your pain in the same way, and I also take pleasure in your happiness. This is the same body with great compassion and no destiny for great kindness. We are in the spirit of the same body. When getting along with others, interpersonal relationships will be sublimated because of this spirit of homogeneity and compassion.

If we equate our lives, our value of life, and everything in this world as one, we will find that our mind is like nothingness. Expansive. All dreams can be fulfilled by just asking about giving and not asking about rewards. Think about it, when we devote ourselves to doing the whole process to perfection for anything, the subsequent results will definitely exceed your original expectations. So we must cultivate compassion, and face every sentient being around us, including every colleague, every friend and family member, with empathy and empathy. This is compassion.

“The Boundless Vow of All Living Beings”

To the boundless beings, we must extend a hand of compassion, and we have the responsibility to save them to the other side. For everyone, we should face them with gratitude and joy, without hatred, hostility, or anger, return them with love, and save them to a place of peace and freedom. “Endless Vows of Troubles” clears all the darkness, hatred, arrogance, and troubles in our hearts. It’s like a tree with bugs, and these bugs keep gnawing, no matter how strong the tree is, it will die one day. “The air of heaven and earth is warm, and the cold is killed. Therefore, those with a cold temperament can enjoy the cold; only those who are warm and enthusiastic, their blessings are thick, and their zeal is also long” (“Cai Gen Tan”)

In winter, everything is depressed . Only in the summer, when mosquitoes and birds and beasts are there, can all things flourish. Therefore, when we are tolerant, warm, and loving to others, we will walk with them. If we are indifferent, negative, and pessimistic, people will slowly leave us.

Cultivate compassion, compassion is tolerance, and compassion is acceptance. When we cultivate this quality and continuously expand it into behavior, we will find that many problems can be solved easily, and many wishes for the benefit of sentient beings can be fulfilled.

“Study of Immeasurable Vows of Dharma” learns all the methods of liberation. Learn from teachers, learn from books, learn from elders, and learn from all things and everything, because all dharma is the manifestation of good knowledge. For example, when seeing the dead trees in the winter snow quietly opening up new buds, the poet will say: Winter has come, can spring be far behind? In the most difficult time, crossing over is the situation of the willows. It is said that if you take ninety points out of a hundred points, you will count as half of the walk, and the remaining ten points are the last half. This proves that the closer to success, the more perseverance is needed to persist on the remaining road, and persistence to the end is the greatest victory.

Everyone takes ten to twenty minutes to meditate and think carefully about what to do. If you have such a little time for yourself every day, you can face many problems calmly, and you will have a powerful force in your heart. If it is hard to do alone you or you would like to listen through the course of academic lectures on Chan Buddhism with us raising up your Oriental intelligence, you can write us directly here leaving your questions and comments, or writing a letter to our service hotline at info@setare-orientalis.com

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