When you have a villa but no love (Chan meditation)

The concrete manifestation is: a lofty vision and a broad mind. A lofty vision determines the long-term perspective and long-term thinking, and an open mind can only have a deep awareness of human affairs. Only by letting go can you get real happiness. Letting go does not mean giving up. It does not allow us to passively escape the world, but to let us downplay our inner attachment to things, the greedy heart that wants to satisfy our desires.

If all we see every day are money, status, fame and fortune, people, self, right and wrong, these things that are impermanent and short-lived; if we can’t see the essence, we will care about things, take them in our arms, and our hearts will be shackled by these things. Tightly bound, unable to let go of hands and feet, and open up to show the ideal state of life.

So letting go of Chan is definitely not negative, but to open up one’s mind, so as to let go of unnecessary attachments, and then use greater wisdom to achieve a colorful and ideal life. This is letting go. Only by letting go of our worries can we be happy in our hearts; only by letting go of our attachments can our state of life be happy and complete.

The pressure that the company puts on us, the pressure that the team puts on us, the pressure that our family puts on us, the expectation of our friends puts pressure on us, these pressures are pressing you endlessly. When people are anxious, things are difficult to complete. Just like an athlete, if he always thinks about the gold medal, I think his legs will tremble during the game, and the gold medal will pass by him. Letting go is to let us relax and open our hearts, let go of the baggage of fame and fortune and desire, and pack lightly.

Don’t take the goal too seriously, but feel the beauty of the process. When we take every step well, this period of life will be joyful, peaceful, and happy. Why does Chan say that true generosity requires three-wheel body emptiness? When giving to others, there is no concept of the giver, the receiver and the thing to be given. This is to let us downplay and even let go of all our attachments. Only in this way can we be extraordinary and comfortable.

So to give is to learn to let go. Give the things as soon as you give them, and don’t think about what you want in return. If there are expectations of this and that, the more you give, the greater the burden on your body will be.

Japan’s Inamori Kazuo’s “How to Live” talked about a thought. He said that the meaning of life is not how big your business is, not how much money you make in your life, but in this process, you must continuously improve your life. Quality. This quality will affect and continue to the quality and height of your next life.

The Sixth Patriarch Huineng, although he did not know the words, just by someone reading the “Diamond Sutra” to him, he could tell it from beginning to end, and he was exactly what the Buddha said. Such a root of wisdom is the root of the last life, and it is not something you can have if you learn a little in this life. If there is no good root accumulated in the previous life, there will be no such result in this life; if this life does not work hard to cultivate good seeds, then the next life will be at a loss.

People often say “to be old and learn to be old”, but in fact this is also learned for the future life. Whatever we do in this period of life, the real purpose is to sublimate our moral cultivation and elevate the height of our soul. When we can put light on the attachments and concerns in life, you will find that living is happy every day, living in a state of joy and peace every day.

An American once said that if he finds a job he likes, and this job can support himself, then this is the most ideal. Many people complain that they don’t like the job, the interpersonal relationship is not handled well, and their parents don’t understand it. I just said: If your birth can’t change, your parents can’t change, your husband can’t change, your son can’t change, what should you do? Accept it, change your way of thinking, learn respect and tolerance. If this is the case, you will find that the original hostile heart will gradually become softer, and the resistance will gradually turn into acceptance, and you will find that you have not found moral happiness before.

If you use such a way of thinking to constantly remind yourself deep down in your heart, your future life will get closer and closer to the expectation you set in your ideals. Therefore, whether life is good or bad, and the happiness and happiness of life, depends entirely on the change of our concept. I often tell you that the life of primitive people is so simple that there are only three things: winter is cold, find an animal skin to protect yourself from the cold; when you are hungry, find a fruit to fill your stomach; rain, the sun is violent, and at night, Find a cave and hide there.

People nowadays have swelling hearts and infinite desires. Every day, they are struggling for the living standards and so-called values ​​advertised by others. But when they exhausted their efforts, they realized that they had been unhappy and unsuccessful in their lives. Just like the lonely old fisherwoman in “The Fisherman and the Goldfish”, she wants a villa, but now there is a villa, but love is gone.

What you get is often at the price of more loss. As the saying goes, “Satisfaction is always happy.” If you want to be happy, you must first be content. The interpersonal relationship cannot be harmoniously governed because I will always hold on to my own one-third of an acre of land, thinking that my views, practices, and ideas are all correct, and others are all wrong. To learn Chan is to learn to let go, to open the width, raise the height, to look at our lives, and to extend our lives.

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When something unknown for our peace to the West becomes the Eastern heritage of our calm hearts…

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