Practical Workshops on Applied Oriental Studies

The work and development of markets in Eastern countries is associated with the necessary in-depth understanding of the specifics of the modern society, its cultural identity, linguistic worldview, values and dominant strategies and technologies of leading business schools, which is often related to the structure and practice of public administration, which has a specific Asian coloring.

In the context of intensive interpenetration of cultures and multipolar socio-economic contacts in various dimensions, our listeners often encounter pressing problems related to the practice of project administration in Asia, and often optimization of vital processes in civilizational oecumenes that are difficult to understand for the westerners.

Usually such scope of problems involve:

  1. Modern family life in Eastern countries and international marriages;
  2. Oriental aesthetics accompanied by bilateral business visits;
  3. Selection of oriental practices of meditation, relaxation; selection of a suitable style in martial, musical and other arts.
  4. Gender communications and gender relations, sexuality expression and reproduction in Asian countries;
  5. Life in modern cities and personal professional and business success;
  6. Effective search for business information and selection of consulting services for solving current problems at enterprises;
  7. Oriental cuisine, holidays and leisure in Asia.
  8. Fashion and modern expression in art, architecture and design;
  9. Holistic practices of traditional oriental medicine;
  10. Problems and technologies of learning oriental languages
  11. Recovery, spiritual enlightenment, finding peace of mind and conservation of energy in Asian ecosystems;
  12. Complex topics of Asian theater and cinema;
  13. Symbols, phenomena and anomalies of the cultural circles of the East;
  14. Synergy of ancient and modern knowledge of the Chinese, Indian and Persian civilizations.
  15. Meditation, stress relief, finding balance and harmony, restoration and strengthening of male and female reproductive health and fertility.

We invite our listeners to individual and group webinars on the above and other pressing issues related to contacts, life and understanding of the East.

We ask you to fill out an application for training on an individually negotiated course and a series of practical webinars. Our administrator will contact you to discuss the organization of your training, as well as the possibilities of your upcoming participation in our events and the setare orientalis club.

Visit us and stay in touch to us from anywhere in the world, you are very welcome!

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