Chan and Gratitude (meditation)

Give life a solid, silent understanding; give the soul a virtuous view, quiet taste indifferent. The mortal world is up and down, and the one who returns to the soul is the most true.


I like to find a kind of tranquility in the red dust of the rice paddies, which is the return of the soul, the harmony between nature and the soul. Quiet nature, tranquil and beautiful; quiet soul, indifferent and peaceful. Tranquility is the paradise of thinking. You don’t need to talk, just a smile can light up the sun and the moon. Tranquility is the sacred place of the soul. There is no need to make noise. Silently treasures the joys, sorrows and joys of life, and deposits some of the past into fleeting fading water agarwood. 

Tranquility is a kind of return to truth, a kind of indifferent, a kind of precipitation, a kind of lyricism.

Life is impermanent, red dust is floating and sinking, fleeting years are unscathed, and the world is joyous. Many times, we feel that we are strong, and we can only remove our tired disguise when there is no one; many times, we feel that we are very happy, but when we look back, we can’t. Restrain sorrow. But a corner of Ningxin, an old place, and occasionally Yu Youran sees the authenticity released in Nanshan, but it can make the soul have a perfect connection with the world, and use it to place the tired soul.

I always feel that life is like bouncing again and again, with gains and losses, ascending and descending. You have to go through some experiences to mature slowly; you have to taste some vicissitudes of life to grow slowly. Everyone has the most vulnerable side, and no one is born strong.

Don’t complain that life has given us too many hardships. If the sea loses the tumbling of the huge waves, it will lose its vigorous personality; if the desert loses the dance of wind and sand, it will lose its original magnificence. Life to us is like a drop in the ocean, but it carries too much love. Slowly practicing, will always make life emerge into a butterfly; gradually mature, will always see through certain scenery. Time has passed away our fleeting years, but let us reap the grace of life; the vicissitudes of time have made our appearance, but let us realize the weight of life.

One flower, one leaf, one bodhi, one note, one ink and one heart word. Looking through the fleeting years in the depths of time, you will always wake up with a faint pain. The fingertips of the years have slipped over your thoughts, and the past is gentle in the past. In this world, there will always be people who make your dreams; there will always be things that you will never forget; there will always be some pasts that will make you unforgettable.

Experienced the vicissitudes of heart, mature and steady; experienced the vicissitudes of dream, deep and quiet; experienced the vicissitudes of age, calm and quiet. In life, there are many hurdles that need to be crossed; in years, there are many regrets that need to be made up; in life, there are many confusions that need to be understood. Pain and happiness, thinking and pursuing, the rainbow is always after wind and rain, the vicissitudes of life, is it not the most precious wealth in life?

Learn to be grateful, attribute every failure to an attempt, and regard every success as an inevitable. Be grateful for life, because of the existence of life, we can perceive the fragrance of birds and flowers; because of the existence of life, we can taste happiness and joy; because of the existence of life, we can realize the happiness of emotion and the sweetness of love.

Learn to be grateful, be grateful for life, hardships or twists and turns, there will always be ups and downs. To cry is not to surrender; to retreat is not to admit defeat; to let go is not to give up. A wonderful life is often created in the vicissitudes of life. Give yourself a strength, listen to the years and sing quietly; give yourself a free and easy, smile and watch the passing years. Take a sense of self-confidence, a sense of composure, and move forward gracefully.

Learn to be grateful, be grateful for pain and frustration, it is pain that makes us grow, and it is frustration that makes us strong. Life is originally a symphony of perfection and imperfection; life is originally a harmony of pain and happiness. Only when we are suffering can we know how to be satisfied; when we have failed, we can realize success; when we are wrong, we know regret; when we are annoyed, we can understand tolerance. There is always a windy morning, there is always a gorgeous evening, and there is always a night of shooting stars. Give yourself a piece of freedom and learn to say to yourself: Life is no big deal.

Try to smile, try to look back, take the breeze as your company, take the sun and the moon as your dream, relax yourself, don’t force, don’t lethargy, or impetuous; live a simple life, follow your heart, spontaneously, and be your best, be content, smile , braeathe through Tian Dan.

Contented people never complain that there are too many hardships in life; contented people understand that the sun is always after the storm. The color of life does not lie in the three thousand flashes, sitting calmly between square inches, a tea and a paper are also happiness. Walk the world with an optimistic and open-minded heart and watch the mountains quietly; smile at the floating life with an insult and watch the clear waters. Life does not necessarily need to be luxurious. Possession is capital. Contentment is a state of mind, a kind of gratitude, a kind of understanding, and even more a kind of wealth.

Smile makes people happy, smile makes people young, smile makes people full of passion. When you are sad and depressed, you may wish to smile, which is a kind of support for yourself; when you are helpless, you may wish to smile, which is an encouragement to yourself; when you are proud of success, you may wish to smile, which is a kind of support for yourself. Kind of return. Smile is a kind of self-confidence, a kind of relief, a kind of challenge to fate. Smile with an optimistic and open-minded heart to face setbacks, to accept happiness, to taste loneliness, to overcome pain, you will find the sky is high and blue. Regardless of success or failure, smiling is the best choice in life.

Calmness is a kind of mentality, a kind of etherealness, a kind of quality, a kind of detachment, a kind of understanding of the vicissitudes of the world. Facing everything with a calm and optimistic attitude, Shui Jingxiang is far away; tasting life with a rational and leisurely perspective, the wind is light and the moon is self-evident. More indifferent, you will have more open-mindedness and calmness; more indifferent, when you are frustrated, at least you will look a lot more indifferent, when you are desperate, you will not choose to destroy; more piece of indifferent, even if it is in the dust, the heart is always warm. Lightness is Chan, and even more enlightenment.

Occasionally remember, treasure warmth; try to smile, let the heart be sunny, the heart is happy, happiness is simple, isn’t it? Give yourself a promise in the wind and rain, let the dream have a fulcrum; give yourself a calm in the dark, let the soul have a space for thinking. Life is originally bittersweet and sweet, and if you are tired, you might as well stay on the shore to fade away the glitz, quietly savor the shallow; Chan life makes life deep. Raising your head, it is a more brave flight!

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