The power of compassion and wisdom (Chan meditation)

“We can regard ourselves as people who have been awakened, the world as a holy realm, and everything that arises as the energy of wisdom.”

Yiyi Xianghai Zen Heart is in the long history of more than two thousand years , it has always been a symbol of wisdom.

When Chan was first introduced to China, it was called Prajna Learning. What is Prajna? It’s wisdom, and it’s not the ordinary wisdom of the world, it’s the super wisdom of the world.

Chan pays special attention to practice, that is, to implement thoughts in our actions, extending from the depths of the soul to the outside to show it. This requires us to constantly practice, to perceive ourselves, and to constantly reflect on ourselves like looking in a mirror.

The so-called “mystery is all beings, and enlightenment is the Chan.” Because we can’t see things clearly, we can’t understand ourselves, we don’t have the wisdom of discriminative analysis, which leads to wrong cognition, and this leads to a lot of confusion and troubles.

Therefore, the Chan teaches us to clear away the heavy fog, to see the root causes of our inner troubles, and to understand ourselves and the external world more thoroughly. Only when all phenomena are analyzed layer by layer can we understand ourselves, the world, life, and the universe more clearly.

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