MBA Course: Brand Management in China

In the management concept, many classics of traditional Chinese culture are creatively used, and they have been simplified and interpreted in an easy-to-understand manner into the success quality formula of individuals and teams, the success quality formula of management, and put forward the principle of new wooden barrels for management. The law followed by people and things, selection of talents, business planning, and business management, using formula principles to analyze clearly at a glance; and creatively put forward a popular interpretation method of the Book of Changes! And the popular change relationship of Feng Shui!

At the same time, there are also two concepts of “quality” and “culture” as an image and quantified standard so far. Many famous companies in South Korea, Japan, Europe, the United States, such as: Toyota, Honda, Yamaha, Yakult, Sharp, BMW, Opel, Fujitsu, Siemens, L’Oreal, University of Tokyo, Goldman Sachs, HP, U.S. Federal Express, INTEL, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, etc., have also visited China’s Haier, Hisense, Double Star, Tsingtao Brewery, Mengniu, Yili, Little Sheep, Baotou Steel Group, Saint Angelo, Semir, Red Dragonfly, Chint Group, Delixi Group, Big Tiger Lighter, Fangtai, Wanhe, Guangben, Guangfeng, Zhujiang Beer, Zhujiang Piano, Yichun and other enterprises, and cooperate with corporate executives conducted in-depth business management exchanges!

Such things as brand creation planning, brand strategic planning, brand transformation planning, brand integrated marketing, brand vision, brand promotion, brand system management, execution, operation management, channel management, sales strategy, brand culture creation and promotion are extraordinary and unique from strategic management to tactical planning and execution. Pursue the simplification of the avenue, the application of the avenue, and the effect of the avenue. Starting from the three aspects of Tao, Dharma and implements, it is easy to understand, vivid and interesting, easy to remember, and easy to use, so as to achieve the three aspects of concepts, methods and tools. We let the students get the effect that can be applied in the future on the spot! The students will immediately learn to start from the bones of a practical and simple system structure to improve execution!

 In order to further implement these standards, we also should:

implement the strategic policy of national brand power,

promote corporate brand building,

gradually integrate with international standards,

cultivate a group of outstanding brand building talents for the company and the society,

improve the internationalization, modernization of Chinese brand managers.

The level of professionalism will promote the improvement of the professional value of brand management talents and requires a joint brand management middle- and high-level talent training.

Strong teaching methods enable students to fully grasp the laws of corporate brand management operations, understand and master modern brand management skills, and be able to independently improve corporate brand systems, independently shape their own brands, maintain brands, and rely on brands to improve corporate competitiveness, thus becoming a real battle type of brand management professionals. 

The training of intermediate and senior brand management talents absorbs Chinese brand management talent training concepts and introduces Chinese courses. After completing the required training hours and passing the exam, the trainees will be jointly awarded “Brand Director” or “Chief Brand Officer” recommendation letter with certificate of 25 hours training completion.

Certificate holders can become corporate brand managers and internal reviewers for corporate brand evaluation and participate in corporate brand evaluation.  The daily training of middle and senior talents in brand management is undertaken by Center of Oriental Humanities and Asia Business Development.

For more information please apply for our individual or group session presentation with the first lecture at no cost.

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