The Origin, Development and Inheritance of Chinese Management Culture (1)

The Chinese nation has gone from the primitive state of wearing the stars and wearing the moon, rumoring and drinking blood to the highly developed technology today. After thousands of years of evolution and development, through the understanding of the state of nature and its changing laws.

Summarizing the whole historical process, there formed a unique, broad and profound Chinese culture in the world, full of the “wisdom of the Chinese people”.

This is a symbol of the strong cohesion and civilization of the Chinese nation, the pillar and source of power for the survival, development, and prosperity of the Chinese nation.

It has a profound impact on world civilization and has important practical significance.

Every nation in the world has its own culture. Chinese culture has been passed down for more than 5,000 years and endures for a long time. It is inherited from generation to generation. The ancestor of the humanities, Fu Yi, drew gossip while opening the sky, revealing the way of the universe, opening up the history of human civilization, determining the Chinese people’s view of the universe of “the harmony between man and nature”, and also deciding the way of life of the Chinese people. The wonderful door of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and between man and man. Regarding the origin and development of human beings, we can briefly describe it in six words:

General, body, species, type, subject, and learning

Tens of billions of years ago, the universe was in a state of chaos. This state is called “total”. It includes the cycle of five states before the beginning of the universe, the initial state of the universe, the existence state of the universe, the end state of the universe, and the return state of the universe. As the first level of “general”, it is called the “road”, that is, the general law.

“Dao” is the ancestor of nature and the source of the universe. “Dao” is the principle of human being, that is, the principle of the great principle. The principle of the great principle is the general law of nature and the general law of the universe. The principle of the great principle contains the law (rule), the principle in the law, and the law in the law. It is characterized by nothing outside, nothing inside, simple to abbreviated, refined to subtle, mysterious to subtle, infinitely infinite, showing nothingness; its characteristics are tranquility, nothingness, quietness, inaction, nature, and purity. Easy, simple, tolerant, peaceful and harmonious; its role is to generate all things, determine all things, Tao is in the object, and the object is in the Tao.

The connotation of “Tao” is all kinds of laws and methods that encompass everything. Thoughts and behaviors that conform to “Tao” are morals, and principles that conform to “Tao” are truths. In order to achieve complete liberation, people have been diligently exploring the truth for thousands of years, but people have not paid attention to it. Truth is already among people. At the same time, truth has different levels. Different levels have different relative truths. The sum of countless relative truths is the great way.

“Body” is the law of the initial state of the universe and beyond, that is, the law of the universe in which the universe circulates itself under the restriction of the general law. Lao Tzu said that “Dao begets one, one is born two, two begets three, three begets all things”, what does “Tao beget one”? The Dao body operates according to its own laws, and it is in an endless cycle. At each stage, it has the characteristics of each stage. In the endless spiral cycle of “Dao”, it is determined by its internal laws.

When it runs to a certain stage, it reaches a highly energy-intensive state, and its highly dense energy clusters form a chaotic zero shape. , This zero-shaped body is the initial state before the universe opens and closes, and we call it the “Chaos Egg”. “Chaotic Egg” is an ocean full of energy, and its temperature and behavior are similar to those of water. In the process of operation, the intergrowth law of water determines that it will inevitably produce woody behavior. During operation, the “chaotic egg” will grow and adjust. After the woody behavior appears, continue to run, and the wood behavior will start to become fire.

“Chaotic Egg” changed from cold to warm, to hot, upward. When the heat reaches a certain level, the “Chaotic Egg” grows and swells, swells to the extreme, and a big explosion occurs. In 1948, the “Theory of Cosmic Thermal Big Bang” published by scientist Gamov believed that: 20 billion years ago, after a big bang, the universe was created. Space is universe, time is universe. The achievements of Western modern cosmology confirm the rationality of the ancient Chinese theory of cosmogenesis and the theory of cosmic order. This kind of yin and yang is not open, presenting a state of nothingness “chaotic egg”, which is what Lao Tzu called “1”

“Species”. Lao Tzu said, “Tao begets one, one is two, two begets three, three begets all things”. What is the “two” of “two in one life”? How does it come from? After the “Chaotic Egg” exploded, two substances appeared in the Dao body, namely a negative substance and a positive substance. The clear sun rose to the sky, and the turbid yin fell to the ground. After that, the Dao body began to exist in material form. The various laws of Tao have also begun to penetrate into the material world of different dimensions, from the original “collective responsibility system” under the control of “Dao” to a “layered division of responsibility system”. The opening and closing of the heavens and the earth creates a material living space, that is, two boundaries (lines) between the material world and the heavens and the earth are formed, which we later call the time and space limits of human existence (lines).

The earth is soil, which has the characteristics of bio-nurturing. It continues to move forward from the soil-like state, and biochemically produces gold, and gold makes gaseous substances dew into water, water biochemically produces wood, and wood biochemically produces fire. Fire and biochemical unearthed species, so the cycle is endless. The opening and closing of yin and yang of heaven and earth is divided into three layers of space according to the state of material existence, heaven, tunnel and humanity.

That is to say, the time and space of human existence is limited between heaven and earth, and the “Tao” of the overall period extends to the rule line of human existence. Human beings are born in Tao and return to Tao, including human body, emotions, and energy will eventually return to zero. Therefore, this line is also called the regression line (return to 0 line). Based on the regression line, the human emotion line, the destiny line, and the energy line (from 00 to 100 to 00) are formed. This is also the root of Chinese management thinking mode…

(to be continued)

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