Five Full Hearts, to Achieve Your Infinite Beauty” (Chan Meditation)

Unwilling to give up here is not to give up the heart, not to let you have the heart of each voice, but to let you have the heart of perseverance. With this mindset, you will help others, support them, and take care of them when they are in trouble.

If a person in the position of a manager treats employees as parents, children and relatives, and has such a heart of reluctance, then his company is a harmonious family, and the cohesion will be very strong. If we have such a compassionate heart, then the management of the enterprise will be much easier.

Because people are an indispensable part of your life and career, if you treat them as yourself, then there is really nothing difficult in the world. Everyone who runs a business should learn from Tang Taizong. Emperor Taizong inaugurated the famous “rule of Zhenguan” in history. He was humble, advocated and practised economy, so that the people could recuperate, and finally the situation of Guotai and People’s Security appeared. In the appointment of talents, he was eclectic and bold in appointing talents, and he didn’t t care about people who had been grudges. One can imagine his mental capacity and tolerance.

Nowadays, many people who are engaged in business are always a little bit petty, so that they are often unable to control their hands, feet and minds when doing things, so it is difficult to do things well. Even if I get a short-term prosperity with some ingenuity, it won’t last long after all. Therefore, entrepreneurs must cultivate their own minds, and after they have cultivated to a certain level and height, their careers will be a matter of course.

A “prisoner” is a person who is locked up in a house and cannot move. If a person can live freely in it, he is not a prisoner. Therefore, if a person’s heart is imprisoned by himself, he will lose his freedom. So you have to cultivate your mind so that your mind is no longer narrow, then you can be free. So, the important thing is your own heart. Imagine that if one day we are locked up for unnecessary charges, we still have to live a good life so that we can improve ourselves in any environment. No matter where we go, we must maintain a passion for life.

If one day, the doctor tells you that you will not live for three months, you will have to live the remaining three months. Because this is the arrival of karma, you don’t have to complain, just accept it, and then make the rest of your life more meaningful. If you only fear, be afraid, and then complain, then you may not have to wait until the deadline to see Hades. Many people are scared to death by themselves in this way.

A person’s perception of a problem and his mentality of thinking about a problem will determine his future. Pour love on everyone, combine everything in the world with yourself, and free yourself from the narrow structure and framework. This is the realm of unwilling cultivation. For people, it is necessary to open up the structure of people; for things, it is necessary to open up the structure of things; for spirit, it is necessary to open up the framework of spirit. How big you can open the pattern, then how big the impact it will bring. So, don’t be framed by your own role, we need to break the limits of thinking.

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