Wisdom serves for paper, calmness is it’s pen (meditation)

For life in the world, we must make paper with a wise mentality, and write the song of life with a calm mind; don’t let ourselves be slaves to fame, money, and power. Because once you become a slave, you will be chained. When you consider money extremely important, money is your master, you are the slave of money, and you have been enslaved by money all your life.

We, who were originally the masters, made life a helper to make money because we regarded money as everything, and everything turned the cart before the horse. Meditation is to let us understand the value of our own existence, understand the meaning of life, and understand how we can make our lives better. There are two most important words here: understand.

When you personally compliment you, you may not take it seriously, but when ten or a hundred people compliment you, you will feel that it is really the case. People often lose themselves easily if they are accomplished.

At this time, you need to think carefully: How powerful am I? What can be done? Why would others compliment me? The person who thinks thoroughly is the person who understands. To understand in meditation is to get rid of all the falsehoods around you and let yourself understand more clearly what you are like.

Military strategists often say that knowing oneself and the enemy will never end in a hundred battles. This means “understanding.” To understand oneself is not to understand oneself through the eyes and evaluations of others, but to take back the six sense elements, and then to understand oneself inwardly and to be aware of oneself.

Some lecturers will ask others how they are speaking after the lecture. In fact, they should know the most about how well they are speaking. Others’ evaluations are not important. Although I have the most say in myself, it is not easy to be a sensible person because people have to seek affirmation from the outside.

But you have to know that when we need others’ affirmation, it is often the most vulnerable time in our hearts. Self-abundance can show the fullness of the world. As the saying goes, a bucket of water does not make a sound, and a half bucket of water jingles. When we show ourselves, it is the time when our heart is missing.

There is a little-known CEO. His business cards are densely packed with titles, but only one or two are practical. Some people have only one name on their business cards, but everyone knows him. We often make the mistake of bragging about ourselves, but in fact it is bragging about our shortcomings. Personal material abundance, but spiritually may not be complete; if a person can live a life of alcohol and self-confidence in the world, he must be very rich in heart.

A friend went to visit a rich man who did not receive him in a house of several thousand square meters, but on the farm where he worked. This rich person can receive hundreds of millions of dollars in interest every year from the bank alone, which shows how wealthy he is. But he did not choose to drive around in a famous car and show off, but to grow crops in the fields silently. It is conceivable that when a person is rich enough, the mental state he seeks is natural. Some people often tell me how much wealth they have, which shows that most people are still very poor at heart and still want to achieve a more satisfying situation.

Meditation is to let us put aside the external things, and then face the work and examine the business it manages with a detached mentality. At this time, the vision and mentality are completely beyond the interests. Here, we learn from the life philosophy of Kazuo Inamori in “Why People Live”: The course of life is a process of life’s completion. Then, no matter how much material you have, it can’t help you perfect your life. Chan tells us that the fame, status, and money you have in your life are ultimately empty.

In the end, only good and bad karma will follow you. The most admired, respected and missed person in the world is not necessarily rich, but he must have a great personality charm, and they must be sensible people. Let meditation clean up the unreal things in us, so that we can live clearly, thoroughly and shine.

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