The Chinese Wisdom of Eggs Advertising

When studying at Shanxi Medical University, every weekend, Li Chaoli would go shopping with his friends. But when shopping, Li Chaoli encountered a headache for many people-when someone stood on the side of the road and sent you an advertising leaflet, did you pick it up or not? People endure the wind, sun and rain just to make some money. If they don’t pick it up, they feel very uncomfortable; pick it up, this road is full of advertising flyers, and it won’t take long for you to feel like holding a hand. Holding a bunch of colorful advertisements like clusters of flowers.

One day, a few girlfriends sat in a coffee shop and chatted about advertising flyers. Everyone immediately chirped and talked like a group of little sparrows. At this time, a friend suddenly said, “In fact, it’s not only us who have a headache. Those who distribute advertisements have a headache. Whether it’s hiring people to hand out flyers on the side of the road, or spending huge sums of money on advertising in buses and elevators, or even more. Large-scale investment in TV stations to broadcast advertisements, a large part of the publicity effect is not good. How many people watch these small flyers and advertisements? And those advertisements placed on buses, elevators, etc. are not always highly concerned.”

After the friend said, everyone fell into a short silence. However, the girls soon talked about gossip and popular styles of clothes, and left the advertising thing behind. However, Li Chaoli is a caring person, and her friend’s words made her think a lot.

In the following period of time, Li Chaoli kept thinking about this problem repeatedly, and finally a flash of inspiration, made her come up with a little way-advertising types are different, the size of the company is different, and some large companies or popular industries are suitable for public transportation. Advertising on the car or on the radio and television, but some small businesses or unpopular industries can not afford so much advertising costs, and the existing advertising channels cannot bring good returns. Isn’t this a huge market?

God always favors interested people. At this time, Li Chaoli was surprised to see a story while surfing the Internet-a Japanese company put its advertisement on eggs! Li Chaoli patted his forehead and suddenly opened his mouth. The core competitiveness of advertising does not lie in the cost and momentum of your advertising, but in how many people can see your advertising, thereby increasing your potential sales opportunities as much as possible. For a commodity, only one out of a hundred people may be interested in buying, so letting more people know the existence of this commodity can increase the chances of commodity sales. You can throw away the small advertisements on the roadside without looking at them, and you can completely ignore the advertisements on the bus. But before anyone scrambles the eggs, can they not even glance at the eggs at all? In other words, as long as the advertisement is printed on the egg, the chance of the advertisement being seen is 100%.

After graduating from university, Li Chaoli found a partner in Chongqing, and the two hit it off. After thorough market research and random investigations, the two people determined that this is a huge market, so they did not hesitate to set up the “Green Bashi Advertising Department” to specialize in egg advertising.

Later, Li Chaoli and his partners found a company that produces yam noodles in Wansheng District. When they talked about their ideas with the other’s boss, the other’s boss thought it was a very interesting idea, and the initial investment was very little, so it was worth a try. So the boss immediately decided to invest 16,000 yuan to try advertising on 200,000 eggs.

After the first batch of egg advertisements were put on the farmer’s market, Li Chaoli and his partners were so nervous that they couldn’t sleep. Although the originality of the egg advertisement is very good, and it has been investigated and analyzed objectively by two people, plus the advertising fee is paid by the manufacturer, so the price of the advertisement egg is the same as that of the ordinary egg. All the problems and risks have been considered, but after all, the two have never done business before. The market is cruel and ruthless, and no one knows what will happen. Just when the two were extremely nervous, the phone in the studio rang.

Li Chaoli picked up the phone, his hands trembled slightly, the partner held his breath and sat quietly beside her. The thick voice of the purchaser came on the phone: “Are there any eggs printed with advertisements in your place? I am out of stock!” After Li Chaoli put down the phone, tears almost fell, and the partner had begun to gently wipe the moist. The corner of their eyes, they know they have succeeded!

Soon, this story of egg advertisement became the subject of hot discussion on the streets of Chongqing. Various media also followed up and reported. Orders flew like snowflakes. Li Chaoli and his partners relied on unique creativity to win success.

The essential law of the advertising industry is to do everything possible to allow more people to see the advertisement, only in this way can it leave an impression in people’s minds and generate interest. Li Chaoli and his partners were able to achieve success with very little funds because they grasped the essential laws of advertising. Everything in the world has its own essential laws. Whoever has superior insight will get the golden key to success.

By hitting the advertisement on the egg, it is not only creativity, but also insight into things.

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