Relax, Let Go, Open, Accept (Chan Meditation)

There is a book named “Looking forward to 2050”. Although I disagree with many of the ideas in the book, I still agree with some truths. Imagine if we move forward according to the current law of development of things, then what kind of world will be in 2050, what kind of country will the country be, and what kind of business will business be? Probably all can be predicted.

If you look at today in this way fifty years ago, and then use today’s vision to speculate on the future, you will find that many things are actually under your control. With this kind of thinking, you have the initiative in life. To have this kind of thinking, what prerequisites do we need? First of all, what is needed is calmness in order to get the sixth sense of keenly capturing the future existence of things, that is, to have the subconsciousness that can predict the future.

This requires you to set aside time in your busy life to make your heart calm and fulfilled. If you have no time to relax your tired heart, how can you develop a keen sixth sense? Everything in the world is inseparable from yin and yang, both positive and negative. If you overinvest on one side, you will definitely lack funds on the other, which is inevitable. When your energy is given to work, your heart and body will be left out.

So give some time to relax your mind, don’t be anxious, don’t strain your heart. Anywhere, anytime, when doing anything, say to yourself: relax, let go, open, accept. If you do this, you will be more relaxed when running, and your results must be very good; when you sleep, your heart will relax and your sleep quality must be high.

On the contrary, if you always keep your heart in anxiety, restlessness and panic, then your heart must worry about this and that, you will not sleep well when you sleep, you will not eat well when you eat, and you will not be able to do anything next. As wished. Causality and dependent origin are the basic ideas of Chan.

Dependent origination means that everything has its own laws and conditions. Just as the cause of health is the constant creation of health fate, health is the result. Our life is a process from cause to effect. Chan really talks about cause and effect in three generations: the past causes the fruit of this world, and the cause of this world produces the fruit of the next world.

Find us to talk about your causes and effects through generations to have gone and to be coming from you. Or simply leave your comments and we will reach you.

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