Wherever Your Dao is There is Your Root (business meditation)

Meditation is to take back the separate concepts and mentality, and then seek awakening from within; the awakened person will see light and be full of wisdom. Awakening is premised on self-elimination and self-transcendence.

Individuals will only follow others and follow the cuteness of the reed, then they will always just live in the way of others. If we want to change the status quo and stay at the forefront, we need to unlock our own wisdom.

When the Xianghai Temple was first founded, some local laymen said that they had studied Chan for so many years and had never seen the guests managing the monastery in this way. They felt that the guests did this very unruly. The guests told them that they had come in a monastery since they were four years old. They had lived in a large jungle, and they had been in contact with the management of small local monasteries.

I have also seriously considered the future development direction of Chan, so I have my own understanding of how to deal with things. And knowledge. Maybe some of my current ideas cannot be understood by others, but this is also normal, because people tend to have a skeptical attitude towards emerging things. Paris, France is an art city, and its avant-garde is well known, and the designs there often lead fashion.

However, even in such avant-garde capitals, a work is often unacceptable when it first appears.

Therefore, I always tend to believe in the correctness of my philosophy, and it is this unwavering force that supports me to go forward. The establishment and growth of many things require a prerequisite. Just like a tree, if it wants to grow more and more densely, its foundation must be firmly anchored in the deep soil.

The spirit of Chan aims to help lives and benefit all beings, so that more people can free themselves from limitations and gain bright wisdom. This is also the basic prerequisite for the good development of of Chan.

If a country wants to maintain its prosperity, it also needs to be rooted in the masses. This is true of countries, and so should enterprises do. If an enterprise wants its products to have a broad market, it must deeply understand the needs of the masses. If you just adopt a cost-cutting approach to attract customers, it will eventually backfire.

Everything that exists in the world has its own laws. If a manager understands this law well, then his management thinking must be good. This law is the “Dao”, and the “Dao” on the surface is very different, but the deep “Dao” is always the same.

After we understand the “Dao”, we can grasp the laws of the existence of things so that we can look at things in a higher and farther direction, so that we can not lose ourselves and understand what we are living for. When you encounter problems in your life, or cannot figure out what happened, when you are confused, worried, or unhappy, you can try to think about this “Dao”. Ask yourself: What is the thing that keeps me looking away, unable to let go, and unable to escape? How does it exist? In this way, you can gradually let go. When you want your business to prosper forever, you need to create conditions that can make it prosperous forever. If a tree is not fertilized or watered, how can it be evergreen forever? Even if it is thriving now, it is created by the original environment.

The past does not represent the future, and the prosperity of the future requires fertilization now. Therefore, the conditions for reconciliation must be met, and no one can do without this rule on the road of life. Only by mastering it well can we lead us forward in the wave of business creation.

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