“Time to talk about the main and intimately innermost” Interview with the mother of International Reproductive Medicine of Ukraine, Doctor Elena Mozgovaya

Continuing our best traditions of covering the advanced areas of Ukrainian gynecology and reproduction in a conversation with Dr. Elena Mozgova, we will try to shed light on a number of sensitive and significant not only for women, but also for their partners, issues related to monitoring and controlling complex physiological processes. We often associate them with the cycles of our life or the eternal desire to be young and beautiful. And despite the fact that many women, under the pressure of certain circumstances, succumb to depressive impulses in this regard, we would like to say that everything is far from as hopeless as it seems at first glance. And now the vanguard of the unity of knowledge and practice comes to our aid again, grown by the best methods and technologies of Ukraine in a collegium with Israeli scientists.

– Hello, Doctor. Sharing their worries, fears and concerns, women and girls often express their thoughts out loud to me with just one question: Am I not fertile? Where is the world heading, because infertility is getting younger, and I want to give birth, and preferably every 2 years, filling this world with joyful laughter and universal beauty? Hence the question for you, doctor, what do we need to do in order to answer this question with an accuracy of a milligram of our test samples, where do you start a plan for the diagnosis of fertility?

Good day! Yes, more and more young ladies who are serious about planning their lives and, in particular, about childbirth, turn to me. Their lives are scheduled by the minute and they want the birth of children to fit clearly into their own business plan. At the same time, women are clearly aware that today, due to the frantic pace of life, it is possible simply not to keep up with the biological clock, because every year the body’s reserves are depleted. Over the past twenty years, reproductive medicine has stepped so far in examining the female body to the potential of childbearing that there are already well-proven examination algorithms for determining the reserve and planning the optimal period for realizing the most important mission in a woman’s life. As part of routine health screenings, comprehensive packages of ultrasound examinations and hormone analyzes have been compiled to draw up an individual fertility plan. Many medical centers already provide such services. After such a check-up, the woman clearly understands that there is a potential for delayed motherhood, or it is necessary to find time and freeze the reproductive cells in order to use them at the right time.

-You know, the news itself that I am fertile, if I hear this from a doctor (thanks for reminding me sometimes) gives me strength and vigor to start my every new day with the thought of reproduction and the fountains of life that flow from men to women and even vice versa. The patients with whom I come to you in tears open up new depths of sensation of the pulse of life and there is an irresistible desire to give birth. Doctor, how long? How long will it take for us to ride like mouflons in the mountains and how to survive? How not to lose this valuable gift of Nature? I even learned a reproductive affirmation and now I repeat it at least on weekends and even shortly after the alarm clock rings on weekdays: “I am fertile at 30 and 60 and even at 100 years old, and the girls I meet during the day double this confidence and put in the diaries the date for a year ahead: to give birth, choose a maternity hospital, twins, 4200, even on board. ” But the girls are very worried, Please help them Doctor! What to do?

– First of all, be calm and confident about your fertility. Lead a healthy lifestyle, listen to the tips of nature and your body. Correct in time such calls of the body as headaches, frequent colds, problems with teeth and intestines, as they also affect the maintenance of the quality of the ovarian reserve. For a planned pregnancy, especially in adulthood, a woman should be as prepared as possible and in her best resource state.

– Another small but very vulnerable question for us. The aging process in a woman’s body … What are we going to do? We want it longer and a lot, because they have so much juice and they move mountains, even preparing to swim beyond the orbit of space stations. Eh, if I could fly … How, doctor, how?

Check-in of the initial state of the reproductive system. Choose a clinic and your doctor with whom to determine what is in the source of the fertility reserve, what the parameters are and how predictably they will remain. In some women, a decrease in ovarian reserve and, as a result, the ability to conceive, rapidly decreases already at the age of 30. Therefore, it is necessary to be puzzled with the preservation of reproductive material at the optimal age for each woman. Moreover, the technology of soft stimulation, non-traumatic collection of eggs and their almost indefinite preservation without loss of quality has been developed and widely used by reproductive specialists.

– Sometimes there is nothing worse than “menopause” for a woman. A fellow entrepreneur of mine even started an association helping women overcome this difficult period in the United States, after God alone and a limited circle of people close to her knew what it was worth – to overcome herself in this and soar above it. But the tools used here were rather more psychological and socio-economic in nature than, in fact, purely medical, and as it turned out, this was not enough for our forever young beauties. When they do not part with the pillow in tears, I also want to do the same somewhere on the fertile turtle pond, of which we have a whole abundance in Ukraine. So, the menopause control programs are under your supervision, doctor. Your word for the salvation of the age to the discouraged princess-creatures.

-Anti-aging programs are another beneficial direction of the reproductologist’s work. Women want to give birth at a more mature age. And often it is well over forty or even closer to fifty, when nature is logically trying to complete the reproductive epic. At the same time, newly minted mothers want to look exactly like “young mothers”, and for this it is again necessary to make efforts to gynecologists. Here aesthetic gynecology comes to the rescue, the experience of gynecologists-endocrinologists, whose skills I also have to master, a classical obstetrician-gynecologist who has been working his entire conscious medical life in reproductology.

– Sorry, they started talking so much that I completely forgot: they told me that you have a group of models from Romania two hours before the casting. As they say, something is always wrong, to the extent that it needs to be completely corrected. And how many operated on come to you or with a modified reproductive system! And how are the results obtained?

– There is this kind of problem in my work. We are trying to recreate the best possible version in each specific case. Moreover, with minimal impact and maximum environmental friendliness. After all, as a doctor from the outside, I always know better how the intimate area will look not only more aesthetically pleasing, but also with the most optimal approach to restoring and maintaining the health of such a delicate area, and not just following trends or momentary desires.

– Thank you for being with us. We will definitely come back to you after the next conference in ESHRE, as we agreed. Take care and stay safe, doctor.

– Thank you too for the conversation. It is very pleasant that thanks to your informing about my work, more and more women from different countries of the world have the opportunity to use my help and feel the joy of motherhood, youth and beauty. It’s great when my former embryos grow into beautiful girls who come to me for advice on how to plan the appearance of their own offspring. See you!

With the Father and Guru of Reproductology of Ukraine
Prof.& Academician Dr. R. Fischer

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