The Way of Culture : Iranian Insight

Iran is a country with a rich culture due to the Aryan generation, which has been one of the oldest and proud generations for thousands of years. The culture of any country is subject to change, which is why today we may no longer know many important people or be unfamiliar with many important and historical books of our countries. It is hoped that by preserving the rich Iranian culture, people will pass this precious on to future generations.

Culture and education

Culture and education are directly related to each other. Each country has specific educational conditions due to its culture . These educational conditions include the literature and art of that country, the customs of the country, the type of education, geography, climate, and so on. Educational conditions make you a human being with special characteristics. Culture complements education and education builds culture. That is why in a country, people have similar behavioral and moral characteristics. Culture is like a school that teaches you from A. It is difficult, after years of teaching in that school, to want to change your teaching method altogether or enter another school.

Familiarity with culture and rituals

Iran is one of the countries where tradition still has its former place and modernity has not been accepted to a large extent. Ancient Iranian culture can be seen from a few surviving photographs from ancient times. Indigenous Iranian culture is full of rituals and interesting and strange rituals and customs. One of the Iranian rituals is taziyeh. For many years, taziyeh was the only special field of performing arts for Iranians. Taziyeh is actually a kind of narration of the story of Karbala. In each city of Iran, specific and different ceremonies were held, and in some cities, this ceremony was leaked outside the city and became a country. Sacrifice and cooking on a large scale was an official tradition that has long been associated with Iranians, and this custom still exists today. For non-Muslim tribes, this custom is unbelievable.

How does culture building happen?

The whole world is looking for a superior culture. Culture is a superiority where all things have good features. Culture building takes place using the symbols of each country. Let me give you an example. Think you want to instill a culture of not using a cell phone in schools. The only person who has the power to instill this culture is the school itself, the school as a powerful institution can instill the culture of not using mobile. Every time different cultures are formed by different institutions, powerful people can make changes in the culture, and what a fatal thing would happen if powerful institutions spread the wrong cultures among the people.

How does the media change culture?

Each country’s media is a global symbol of a country’s culture. The media can easily streamline because of their availability. Media such as television, which is in most people’s homes today, can quickly have an impact on viewers by creating a certain behavioral culture. The more accessible and popular the media, the more potential it is to become a cultural agent. For example, the impact of cinema is much less than the impact of television. Radio also had a great impact when it was diminished by the presence of video equipment. The media must be popular and not take the line from an organization other than the people, in which case the culture it creates will be anti-popular.

The impact of universities and educational environment on the growth of culture in each country

The university is another institution that has a great impact on the culture and education of every student and the educated class in general. The impact of the university is due to several academic factors, professors, the university environment and extra-curricular topics. University can have a negative and positive impact on creating a special and important culture. Unfortunately or fortunately, people who enter the university have an independent and relatively literate personality, and for this purpose, they find it difficult to accept the words of others, whether right or wrong. University is an environment where if you have unstable beliefs, you should definitely wait for your beliefs to change. Literacy and education are other factors that have a direct impact on culture and public awareness.

Why is culture important?

Culture is one of the most important components of any country. A country is known for its culture. Culture remains like genetics due to the transmission of customs and traditions, customs, art, literature, education, etc., and the person who is deprived of this genetics has nothing to do with his country. Culture is not always right and does not always convey positive and good qualities. Sometimes in the culture of a country, bloodshed and war are the most important remnants, in which case the causes of war and bloodshed must be investigated and a single conclusion reached. Culture is a monument that some people are very sensitive to memories and always take care of them, while others have no particular sweat to any monument.

How to bring rich Iranian culture into our lives?

If we want to use a rich culture in education, literature and customs, it is better to deal with that culture from the beginning. Contradictory action is considered a non-cultural act.

What do the elements of culture include?

Elements of culture include the art, literature, humanities, and creed of any country or tribe. One of the things that is rich and popular in Iranian culture is art and literature. Iranians were one of the only countries that had poets like Hafez and Saadi. One of the arts Iranians have had for a long time is traditional music. Traditional music with traditional elements and local instruments such as reed, dahl, tambourine, etc. makes one of the most beautiful sounds. The original Iranian play, like Ruhoozi, is one of the plays that is specific to Iran and is considered a native play. In Rohouzi’s plays, each time the new subject and the topic of the day are told in humorous language by a stupid character who has blackened himself.

A study of clothing culture

Iranian culture is tied to religion. Iran includes hundreds of languages, cities and special customs. In each tribe there are special clothes and in some tribes these clothes are common. In the Bakhtiari tribe, where men and women usually work together in animal husbandry, agriculture and living in tents, clothes usually include long skirts and hems, elastic which is a long scarf, slippers which are a kind of shoes and so on. Bakhtiari men usually wear giwa and usually wear warm clothes because they live in the countryside. Bakhtiari women’s clothing design is full of flowers and full of natural patterns that add to the beauty of these women.

Examining the culture of makeup

From ancient times, Iranian women have always been considered one of the most beautiful women in the East. Iranian women usually used a white substance called Sefidab to make them more beautiful as they believe. Sefidab, magenta and kohl were three cosmetics that Iranian women usually used during celebrations, feasts and weddings. But normally, Iranian women did not have much makeup in the past, and their beauty and simplicity always revolved around language. Later, Iranian women, who turned away from Iranian tradition and culture and turned their attention to Western culture, parted ways with being Eastern and turned to thick make-up, surgery, and so on. Today, Iranian girls and women are among the women who wear a lot of makeup and usually have unnatural faces.

How can culture or non-culture be recognized?

There is no such thing as uncultured. The lack of culture we mean is in fact the weak culture and the non-rich culture that affects us badly. Wealthy culture and weak culture lead us to abnormality and shape our brain in bad and bad form. Weak culture is collapsing at every moment and has no stability. Rich culture, on the other hand, fascinates people wherever it enters, because people subconsciously love goodness and beauty.

The roots of culture and language

The Persian language entered countries such as Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and India many years ago and is still present in each of them with some changes. After India was colonized by the British, the country changed its language to Hindu. In Iran itself, Persian language is heard with different accents. In Iran, some tribes such as Azeri, Bakhtiari, Kurdish, etc. speak different languages, and this change of language has its roots in the distant years when different tribes entered Iran. Persian culture and language are rooted in each other. The Persian language has gained a lot of fans since time immemorial, when prose and poetry were written by the country’s most prominent poets and writers.

Where does culture enter?

Culture is the most important determining factor in any country, and what we call indigenous and non-indigenous elements enters the field of culture. Education, art, literature, poetry, cinema, television, radio, clothing, make-up, drama, music, etc. all make up our culture. Culture enters into any category you can think of and has a very important impact on everything. Culture can subtly enter politics and sometimes influence religion. In addition to influencing matters, culture is highly influential. As it seems, today the West has greatly influenced our culture and has covered the fashions of clothes and forms of makeup and to a large extent our behavior.

Why is culture decisive?

Culture is a decisive element because of its influence. For example, the greatest revolutions that have taken place have been influenced by culture. The literature of a country has a very important impact on the culture of that country. For example, there have been many books throughout history that have led to suicide, and that in itself is a kind of culture created by literature. Even cinema and film are very effective. There have been many films throughout history that have promoted the culture of love, suicide, betrayal, crime, and smoking. Every cultural element can be harmful or beneficial, and except in special cases, it is the advantage or disadvantage in the particular situation that is identified.

Love for our cultures

Culture and homeland are two elements intertwined. We must love both of them. Our culture is all that has created us, in order to have a better life, we must choose the culture of positive factors and not use the rest. There may be a lot of work in the culture of any country that is described as a wrong thing to do, we can not blindly use all the bad things with the national sweat we have. Every bad or good remains positive or negative everywhere in the world. 

Influenced by other cultures

Being influenced by a good culture is a great thing, but being influenced by a false and destructive culture is always a collapse.  In all cultures, positive and negative come together, the winner is the one who has the best choice. Seeing an entire country together is how we can choose the best culture.

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