Five Hearts Achieving Supreme Enlightenment (meditation)

Ideas, thinking, and soul are the objects of meditation. The construction of the soul is the focus of Chan thought, because the soul is the ultimate destination of the body and the mind.

Students of Chan must have five mental capacities. These five mental capacities refer to reluctance, equanimity, fearlessness, co-workers and learning.

The purpose of meditation is to let the body and mind absorb nutritious things, and let these tonics nourish our body and mind, so that we can produce huge daily energy.

The process of growing up with empty cups of water is destined to be tempered, and these tempers have taught us a lot of truth. However, these principles usually do not cause qualitative changes in our bodies and minds. Because we only stay on the level of understanding of these principles, this is not enough to affect our outlook on life and the world. Regardless of whether these principles and knowledge can help us improve our mentality and change our lives. In some cases, knowledge that cannot be used in practice is harmful to physical and mental growth. The more knowledge a person learns, the easier it is to become arrogant, arrogant, pretentious, and boastful in front of others. This is harmful to a person’s growth, but not beneficial.

Meditation is to help us stay away from those harmful factors, so that people can reach the other side of the light.

Meditation makes us humble, just like willows, the more luxuriant the branches, the lower the heads. Only when you feel like a piece of white paper can you absorb more knowledge; and those who think that they are already good at it will not be humbly taught. Imagine yourself as a child who never changes. No matter what you are facing, he feels infinitely interesting, and he is curious to understand and learn. Study with a joyful heart, then everything you learn will be absorbed by you; but if you face learning with arrogance and disgust, you have already resisted the wisdom of others in your heart, then you will not learn anything.

Of course, learning is not about accepting all black and white photos, but absorbing and analyzing what is useful and eliminating the unhelpful. However, you have to put your original prejudices aside for the time being, so that you can only afford them. If we are studying with a heart of distinction, scrutiny and judgment, what can we learn in the end?

Here is a koan: In ancient times, a man with deep Buddhist knowledge, heard that there was a respected old Chan master in a certain temple, so he went to visit. After entering the door, his attitude was very arrogant, but the old Chan master received him respectfully and offered him tea. But when the water was poured, the cup was already full, and the Chan master was still pouring. He said puzzledly: “Master, the cup is full!” The master said to himself, “Yes, since it is full, why should I pour it?” , Why ask me for advice? It can be seen that only by emptying the “cup” in our hearts and treating ourselves as ignorance can we fill in new water and truly learn the strengths of others.

If you take yourself as the center in everything and adopt a preconceived attitude, you will be disgusted when you get along with people who are unfavorable; you will feel that sitting in a classroom and going to class is like a year, even full of complaints. By extension, we know that people with this mentality have no fun in their lives. Being a person and seeing the world with such negative emotions, there will be no sunshine in their lives. Everyone will be afraid of the aura formed by their negative emotions and gradually stay away. Such a group of boring people complain and influence each other all day long. Gradually, they are like a different group falling into a black hole, sinking deeper and deeper. If there is a light and energetic person approaching them, they will be very repulsive, as if they are worried that their eyes will be stabbed by the light, and only those who are covered by dark clouds are eligible to enter the black hole.

If you are a member of a black hole, I believe that your spirit must be decadent; I also believe that in your subconscious, you want to have a sunny smile. In this case, the first thing you need to do is to accept and tolerate yourself. On your way back to a bright life, once there is resistance, what you need is self-control, don’t be affected by it, remind yourself to step on the brakes from now on, and prevent hatred, complaining, stupidity and greed from having a chance to turn over.

Let the sunshine, happiness, and peace of mind always be at the top. Slowly, switch from negative to positive, and happiness will come head on.

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