One Mind and Six Paths (meditation on fertility)

Chan now talks about the “heart”. If I had a very pure mind now, and let go of all impetuosity, concerns, fears, and restlessness, my whole body and mind would be very peaceful, as if I was bathed in a sunny, spring breeze, and a scent of birds and flowers; I would feel until life is full of hope, I am always in a very happy state. It is called ” the realm state of heaven and man.”

Conversely, when the temper tantrums, the whole head is blank, the face is bloodshot, and the eyes are round. At this moment, anger burns the whole body and mind, the blood speeds up, and the heartbeat speeds up. This state belongs to the state of a hungry ghost.

If our whole life, when we continue to have righteous thoughts and kind thoughts, and continue to develop a broad, open-minded, and happy state of mind, your life will change because of the change of thoughts. When a person hates, his whole mind must be blank, and any decision he makes is unwise. At this time, the channel echoes the three evil ways. Any thoughts you move today will affect the state of your life in the future. If you communicate with others, if your thoughts are not right, they will feel it. If I show off my knowledge and talk with you here, you will feel that what I say has nothing to do with your life, and you would not want to hear it; if I truly share my own Chan studies with you from the bottom of my heart with experience, everyone will receive auspicious signals.

So every time I give a speech to students, I ask myself: What can I help them? What can I give out? Life is not broadcast, it is live broadcast. This requires us to ask ourselves every time we do something: What thoughts do I have? People will perceive you when you think about it, and others can receive it when you use righteous thoughts. The path of life, beasts, hungry ghosts, and hell are your own choices. Heaven, people, and Chan are also your own choices. You can’t blame your parents, teachers, bosses, and society. This is the concept of Chan “- There are six ways in one mind”.

The quality of life depends on our thoughts. Sartre said: “People can choose freely.” Therefore, we must protect our hearts at all times. When our thoughts change, our lives will be very different from the original. Chan is different. No one will stipulate that monks cannot go out today, cannot drink water today, cannot walk today, cannot laugh today, and cannot do anything today. Chan does not entangle these things, but teaches people the idea of ​​healing.

Keep right thoughts and good thoughts at all times, and prevent yourself from evil thoughts. Just now, I said that one mind produces six realms. These six realms have causes and effects, and bad thoughts will bear evil fruits, and good thoughts will bear good fruits.

Here is a story. Three men built a house, and then a reporter went to interview and asked them what they were doing. The first one said: “Oh! There is no way, life is forced, the wife wants to raise, the child wants to study, had to build the wall under the scorching sun.” The first one was forced; Building a house has a contribution to it, and makes very happy”; the third said: “I am building a beautiful city, this building will set off the city more beautiful.” Twenty years later, the first person is still building a wall on a certain construction site, and still receives the torment of the scorching sun with a last resort; the second man has become a senior engineer; the third has become the mayor of the city.

If you accept the same job with a different mindset, you will have different results in the end. From now on, your beliefs, your pattern, and your way of looking at problems will all change. If you don’t change, you will always be in this state.

How big your wish is and how far you look, how much success will you have in the future.

Confician “Great Learning” says, “righteousness, self-cultivation, harmony in the family, governing the country, and peace in the world”. First of all, we must revise our minds, and then we will cultivate ourselves and govern the country and manage the matters in the world. When your thoughts are not right, your blessing will be very thin; if your thoughts are right, your blessing will continue to grow thicker. We call it “Honesty”. For people who have just entered society, the profession you choose and what you do must be beneficial to the society and help more people. In this way, your career will become better and better.

On the contrary, if you always want to speculate, always want to get immediate benefits, then it is like throwing a rock into the sky, and in the end it will fall or hit yourself on the head. This is not imposed on you by others, but given to yourself by yourself.

Many people say that God punishes me. I want to say, it’s not from the heavens, but from the evil thoughts you planted yourself, so evil retribution will happen later. This is exactly from the opera of “good is rewarded for good, and evil is rewarded for evil.”

The soil is fertile, and whatever we plant on it that is our fruit in due season. Let’s plant the trees of life. Life contains happiness in itself, a tree is to be happy, getting pregnant and becoming a mom and dad is getting happy, being the boss of your good and true steps in life is also to grow happy. Remember, you are fertile!




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