Eat a grape in five minutes (meditation)

The ordinary mind that Chan talks about is “now” in our current words, and grasp the awareness of the moment all the time.

There was a Chan master in ancient times. Someone asked him what Chan is. He said: “Hungry to eat, sleepy to sleep.” We listen to the call of body language to do some things, such as eating when it is time to eat, and sleeping when it is time to sleep, this is Chan. When you are meditating, you can concentrate on sitting; when you are walking, you can walk wholeheartedly; when you are chatting with your friends, you can look into their eyes and feel the joy of communicating with them wholeheartedly; when you eat, you can taste your meals wholeheartedly.

I once participated in a training. The teacher gave each of us a grape. We ate that grape for five minutes. Let you see it first, and after reading it, use your nose to smell it. After you smell it, hold it in your mouth for two minutes, then bite it, feel it, bite it, and feel it again. I found out that the grape was something best in my whole life.

We must have such intentions and awareness to let ourselves live in the present. If you are in such a state all the time, your quality of life will be different from before. But we seem to be in a hurry all day, boarding the car, seeing the time is too late, desperately urging the driver.

Since time is too late, what use is worry? Isn’t it more terrifying to urge the driver to speed up and finally run a red light to be caught by the police, or to step on the accelerator as a profitable car?

Therefore, anxiety, and rush are harmful to us without any benefit. The condition of modern people is very bad. If the body is not good and the mentality is also anxious, it is really exhausted, and one day it will be unbearable. Why are there so many cancers now? Because everyone’s heart is boiling, there is no moment of coolness. The connotation of “now” is very powerful. As long as we use it properly, the quality of life will be greatly improved. We must keep the word “now” firmly in our hearts, engrave it in the depths of our spirit, and use it well. Then you will find that life can be so wonderful and beautiful.

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