Why most goldfish life cycle is so short? (meditation)

In Chan, “Color” is material existence, and all material things in the universe are called “Material Dharma.”

The concept “Material Dharma” has two meanings, one is called obstacles, and the other is called deterioration.

For example, if a podium is placed here, we cannot stand in the same space. This refers to the barriers of matter; and with the passage of time, matter will change and rise and die, and will deteriorate in the near future.

All things in the universe will change with the flow of time. We call such a law of things change as “emptiness”. The emptiness is the truth of the world, and the wisdom of emptiness enables us to live detachedly in this world without being deceived by the appearance of things.

The wisdom of emptiness requires us to look at all kinds of things in the universe-“color” with a wise eye. They are nothing but appearances floating in front of us, and emptiness is the essence of things.

We can divide time into three parts: past, present, and future. Time flows constantly, so does the matter. For example, the podium looks like this yesterday, today, and tomorrow, but the atoms and molecules in it are constantly changing, and the podium in the second is not exactly the podium in the previous second.

Everything in the universe follows this rule. The formation of a family, the success or failure of a career, and the friendship between friends will change over time. If we stay in the original concept and always hold such an inherent, eternal, persistent concept to behave, it will bring obstacles and troubles to our lives. We also encounter such things in life. When things go well, friends surround themselves every day; and when they encounter disasters, not only do they ignore themselves, they even fall into trouble.

We will feel that this world is unfair. In fact, you don’t have to be sad when you encounter this situation, because this is human nature. When we analyze the loves, friends, colleagues and various complicated interpersonal relationships around us from the height of human nature, we will feel calm in our hearts. All things in this world are changing, you are changing, all the people around you are changing, and your thoughts and concepts will also change with this change.

Chan uses the idea of ​​emptiness to explain the change and flow of things and the flow of life. Only when you understand the nature of this existence can you look at various phenomena with a very broad and detached mind. We will encounter all kinds of confusion in our lives, but if we want to open it, it is very simple. It is nothing more than these few things: clothing, food, shelter, and transportation.

What people need most is actually that simple. What is the function of a piece of clothing? It hides in summer and keeps warm in winter.

Do you know how the goldfish died? Most goldfish die, not starve to death. A goldfish will not die if you don’t feed it for two months. If you keep feeding it, it will die in two days. The same is true for people, constantly pursuing things that have nothing to do with life, and ultimately ruining them on the road of endless greed. Many people think that Chan empty thinking is negative, and that people with this kind of thinking have no pursuit and will only go deep in the mountains and old forests. In fact, this is not the case.

The idea of ​​emptiness requires us to stand between the heaven and the earth with a wise mind, and face the reality with a more calm and broad heart. Don’t let yourself become a slave of fame because of fame, don’t let yourself become a slave of money because of money. Being your own master is the true meaning of life.

When you have time for vacation, relax to your heart’s content so that your body and mind can get a good rest; when you are working, you can devote yourself to find all kinds of fun in your work. Because life is a process, every day of ours is a process, and only by doing the process well, is the highest state of life.

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