Revitalizing Chan Massage (Meditation)

Before the life lesson, let us do a meditation together. Please close your eyes, release your heart, and relax your body.

From now on, please put everything down, don’t remember the past, let alone hinder the future.

Say “I feel that I am in the center of the universe, surrounded by lush trees, towering mountains, trickling streams, singing birds, warm spring breeze, and there is a large sea in front of you.”

Your whole body and mind are in such a beautiful environment. Among it.

If you start visualizing that there are countless worlds and dimensions around you it is easy to see, that every world injects good energy into your body. This cosmic power washes away the pain, obstruction, and folly of your body, leaving you with purity, light and wisdom. You will feel that your body is as thorough, clean and flawless as colored glaze.

Now stretch out the hands and rub them till they’re hot, enclosing hands around the eyes, then press the eyebrows with the middle finger to pull out, and then press the frame under the eyes with the middle finger to pull out, and then press the temples with the thumbs.

Press backwards, be sure to work hard; press the roots of your hair with five fingers and pull it to the top of your head, so that every hair of you is pressed by acupressure; then, turn your head back and do a full massage on your face with your hands. Your skin is very relaxed and comfortable. Don’t open your eyes when you do these movements, and slowly open your eyes when you are done.

Is this particularly comfortable? What we did just now was a little meditation. Meditation is to conquer evil thoughts with mindfulness, and to keep yourself in a happy, peaceful, and comfortable state.

If you have fun, you will be happy, if you don’t have fun, you will live in peace.

Now, I will briefly introduce the most basic ideas of Chan, divided into four points:

the wisdom of emptiness,

the power of the present,

the power of the mind,

the power of compassion.

Think of what they mean in your life and write us a letter on how do you feel. We will invite you for a free weekly private session “Chan, Reproductive Energy & Longevity”

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