Chan meditation on returning to zero

The meditation of returning delusion to zero first requires everyone to cultivate concentration. Concentration is actually a manifestation of zeroing. If your mind is not zeroing, you will not be able to focus at all. Everyone is sitting here thinking about home, company, friends, etc.

How can we focus on the present? In fact, you can meditate all the time by walking, staying, sitting, lying, talking and deporting.

Once when training in the National Chiao Tung University, there were more than 30 people living in one room, and when a student went to bed at night, there was the snoring sounded one after another. All of these people were bosses, they had big bellies, and they were all masters of snoring.

This was also a kind of growth the man. People usually don’t like to live with others. They said that they would arrange a separate room for him. But the man said no. This opportunity was very rare. He had to adapt to group and I had to challenge his limits.

We can compare meditation to stopping boiling. You put a basin of cold water into the boiling water, the boiling will stop, and the pot of water will not dry out.

Our body is like this, constantly in the boiling, the water will boil dry. Meditation is the basin of cold water, which allows you to replenish energy. When you are tired from work, close your eyes, take your heart back, and take a few deep breaths, so that your energy can be recovered again.

These few days are just a short training, the most important thing is to organically combine this concept of focusing on the present with daily life. When you are in this state all the time, the body is opened, not tied; it is dedicated, not taken; it is inclusive, not hostile. Negative things will be changed, and you can do a lot of things well.

Sow the seed here these few days to get a harvest.

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