Applied Thai Traditional Medicine

Thai traditional medicine is the wisdom that Thai ancestors have accumulated for a long time. Efforts have been made to maintain the wisdom of the nation’s traditional Thai medicine since the past. Good medicinal texts were collected and engraved in stone tablets. Decorated on the walls of various important temple halls When Western medicine began to enter Thailand Thai traditional medicine continues to play a role in patient care. The development of modern Thai traditional medicine is called “Applied Thai Traditional Medicine”, which is the application of scientific and medical knowledge to explain and develop Thai traditional medicine. 

The science of Thai traditional medicine consists of

  • Examination and treatment of diseases with the theory of Thai traditional medicine. 
  •  Preventive Plan. It is the preparation and production of herbal medicines for the treatment of diseases. 
  • Therapeutic treatment
  • Midwifery – the science of caring for pregnant women, giving birth and taking care of women after giving birth. including caring for newborns

Applied Thai Traditional Medicine Treatment will collect and process information according to the concepts and theories of Thai traditional medicine on elements, such as, diseases, fairy tales, Scriptures of Vibhakti, Revelation Holy Scriptures.

It is said that the human body is made up of four elements, namely the earth element, the water element, the wind element, and the fire element. Each human being has different elemental components that are not the same. but will have one of the major elements It’s called the lord element of that person, but the lord element, which is inborn, will change over time. Factors influencing the change include age, season, time, place of residence and cause of occurrence, behavioral disease.

If an imbalance of the elements occurs when it will cause disease or illness. When Thai traditional medicine applies diagnostics of the disease doctors plan treatment with Thai traditional medicine for patients which consists of the following methods:

  1. Herbal medicine use; It may be the preparation of medicines for each patient, such as decoctions or ready-made pills produced in various forms such as bolus, tablets, capsules, etc.
  2. Using traditional Thai medical procedures/methods such as massage, herbal compress herbal steam, overlaying the salt pot, sitting on charcoal, applying skin masks.
  3. Providing advice on matters related to illness and health promotion such as behavior physical exercise, eating behavior modification, etc.

Symptoms that can be treated with applied Thai traditional medicine include:

  • Groups of pain in various areas such as headache, stiff neck, neck pain, pillow neck Shoulder pain, shoulder pain, shoulder stiffness Arm pain, elbow, wrist, finger joint, back pain, hip pain, leg pain, knee pain, knee swelling, numbness, calf cramps, muscle aches from sports, muscle weakness, muscle spasms, ankle/heel pain, ankle sprain
  • Constipation, insomnia, flu, nasal congestion, asthma, allergy 
  • paralysis, paralysis
  • postpartum women do not walk, breast engorgement, less milk flow, etc.

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