Those who have big aspirations will have big blessings (meditation)

There are great wishes and great blessings, and great blessings must have great achievements.

Try to often tell some young people to position yourself as a person with great aspirations to see what happens.

Wish is the ideal, wish is the direction of life, and wish is the good result that life expects. The bigger the wish, the greater the achievement. A person with great accomplishments will show kindness to all sentient beings, and all sentient beings will be the promoters of his strength.

The reason why large companies in the world can spread across the five continents is because their products and the ideas reflected behind them can reach many people. A rich man must have a lot of mind. He can solve many problems. The more problems he solves, the greater his achievements are.

Drucker’s management theory mentioned that each of us is only a point in the world. After positioning ourselves on this point, we must think about how to operate this point best. For example, in Chan temple, if you are in charge of the guest hall, you should do a good job of receiving guests. Because the monastery is also a point of society, when everyone can perform their duties and can operate it well, the society can operate in a healthy manner.

But we often forget this. Our concept always thinks about what I want, not what I give. Why can’t our aspirations be developed? It is because of problems with our thinking that we often forget what role we belong to in this world.

Many companies now talk about corporate culture, corporate positioning, market share, etc., while forgetting the most fundamental things. It is very hard to do so. Recruiting an employee is not for him to make money for you every day, but for everyone to work together to complete a mission; all things are not done for you or for him, but to form a common, public-oriented.

A social mission that can produce greater well-being. Monks often tell the volunteers in the temple: “You are not here to help me accomplish anything, but to build a platform together so that this platform can benefit more people. Why do we want to create the fund and what concept should we accomplish? People will consume the resources of society while they are alive. If you are still healthy, you can dedicate yourself to help those in need.”

So the monks want to create such a mechanism through the “Fund”. As long as I am healthy, it is a resource. As long as I am healthy, I can help others. We are the hub of society, and our existence is to help society solve problems. Our existence is not to ask for much from the society, but to position ourselves as a role that solves problems for the society.

In this case, your future achievements can be infinite. Therefore, if there is a great wish, there will be great blessings, and great blessings will bring great achievements.


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