Leave your share of warmth to others on the way who you are (meditation)

The hardest thing for people to do is to understand who they are and not to know their situation, so they live in pain...

To respect nature and love others, to conform to natural people, one must believe in destiny. Many things can only be advanced when the conditions are ripe. If the conditions are not ripe, it is useless to think about it, and things still cannot be done.

The existence of all things has the law of being free. If you violate the reasons and conditions, you want to achieve that goal is like driving a duck to the shelves, in vain. Therefore, when we face difficulties and encounter problems, we should not use emotions.

There was a book called “The Right Way of the World”, which was later filmed into the TV series “The Way of Heaven”. The father of the person in the play has cancer, and finally found that there is no way to save it, so he has to watch his father pass away, and as a result, everyone looks at him with strange eyes. Think about it, everyone: Is it filial or unfilial to give up treatment when it is impossible to treat?

People living in this world are to follow the law of karma. If you don’t follow the law of karma, even if you spend a lot of energy, you will still get nothing.

We often talk about “respecting nature and loving others”, and the laws of nature cannot be violated. Just like our body, we should wear more clothes when the winter is cold. Therefore, we have to understand “who am I” and “where am I”. “I am a human being. I live in this world, measuring all things, and at the same time being limited and measured by all things.”

We are just a point in everything, so we cannot generalize with a point. Just like in our temple, the trees start to fall leaves in winter. If you clean today, you will only clean the leaves of today. You still have to clean the leaves that fall tomorrow. It’s impossible to solve all the things behind in one breath, and what I have to do every day is the current thing.

As long as you work hard to do each process well, the originally expected result will naturally appear. When we understand what we are doing, we naturally know where to go. Everyone has their own ideas and everyone expects good results, but can the results be achieved as you expected? Then do it slowly step by step.

Remember to repeat this daily assurance slogan of yours :

On the road of life, I always pay attention to my heart, understand where I am, and understand what kind of role I belong to.

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