Look through the appearance and live with your heart (meditation on close relationships)

Many people always think that what others have but cannot get is the best.

Actually, it’s because you didn’t get along with it day and night, you just looked at it from a distance, and it’s beautiful from a distance, just like our marriage.

Master Sheng Yan talked about a young man who was depressed because of marital problems. He wanted to be clean, so he planned to escape into the empty door. Of course, it was impossible for him to become a Chan disciple for this reason, so Master Shengyan persuaded him to return to society. Later he and his wife divorced. In the following three years, he married three times in a row and left three times in a row. Finally, he went to find Master Shengyan, and the Master asked him what his life is like now. He said, “The life I chose was wrong.”

We are to think about our lives carefully, whether we always think we are when making decisions. 100% correct? But it often takes a while to discover that the choice at that time is wrong. This is because we do not have a thorough understanding of the material world, the world, and the law of the development of things, and do not understand what everything we see in our eyes is.

Appearance is still essence, and what the ear hears is illusion or reality. When we look at things with such a blinded heart, we are always confused. Two people love each other, and both hope that the white head is happy till old.

When opening a business, we all hope to make money. But the world is always unpredictable. We are afraid, complaining, and even angry, but to no avail.

Let’s also talk about the relationship between parents and children. Children always feel that their parents don’t love themselves because they take care of them. Then, they rebel, and the parents find it incomprehensible and unacceptable. The relationship between each other becomes more and more tense, and even tragedy occurs. In fact, what kind of parent is not for the good of the child? For the sake of the child, I live for the child all my life.

I do things alone. At that time, we must have a sense of responsibility; since we are obligated to do one thing well, worry is often inevitable. But we must always remind ourselves: worrying does not help at all, it is just unnecessary worry. Our worry is redundant. In our lives, things like this are commonplace. For example, when a child goes out, the parents are always worried about whether someone will abduct him and whether something will happen. In fact, when children grow up, they are able to live independently, and the problems should be borne and solved by themselves, and parents don’t need to worry too much.

A lifespan is exhausted and no one can stop it. When the time comes, even if he drinks water, he will die; if his life should not be extinct, he will be fine, because many things are caused by the karma of the previous life. As a parent, when you are cultivating the next generation, have you ever imagined that if your child does not have the ability to think independently and face life, what use will you give him more arrangements and care?

You have to endure all kinds of hardships and taste all kinds of hardships before you can become a master. Will your educational philosophy deprive children of their talent and willingness? The Chinese have a tradition that they always feel that their children should completely accept their parents’ opinions. In fact, if you let go of your hands and feet and let your child experience the ups and downs of life, he will grow healthier and stronger.

As a parent, you only need to let your child wear shoes when he can walk; don’t feed the child when he can eat; teach him how to turn on the gas stove when he can cook noodles. Parents are the guardians of the child, and the guardian supervises his growth and teaches him how to face life independently. But many people are not like this.

A few bosses told that many college students they recruited had conflicts with colleagues and went home to look for their mother. At this time, should the parents spoil or let the children be independent? If parents get their children to this point, I’m afraid the future will be enough to worry about. Parents have done many things that children should do, so that children rarely have the opportunity to experience life, without their own independent living space, and without their own ideals in life. These are not good for the future of the child.

We love others as much as we let others to grow and learn by themselves.

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