Chan on Sincerity of Our People Oriented Marketing

The word sublimation marketing from “Tree” to “Dao” can be seen everywhere today. In fact, everyone needs marketing; not only goods need marketing, but the organization’s philosophy also needs marketing.

For example, many foreign products are named after their well-known founders. It is to carry on the founder’s ideas and principles of action through the brand, so that people can see the brand and feel the continuity behind it.

Cultural heritage. Getting along with others, if you are a humble and generous person, you can naturally transcend your own prejudices; but when your arrogance fills up yourself, at this time, you will care more about your own face and self-esteem. Ask ourselves, are you willing to work with someone who is friendly, or are you willing to be with someone who is arrogant?

This is a simple truth, learn to be friendly, everyone with you will feel comfortable and happy. Affinity is the greatest self-confidence. Those who like to sway the market often lack self-confidence; being arrogant in front of others is when he is least confident.

A friendly person is actually very connotative, he does not need to show off in front of others, nor does he need the affirmation of others to be confident. Of course, people who are friendly will also market themselves, because Affinity itself is the best marketing.

Marketing pays attention to method and strategy, but truly smart marketing is definitely not modified by language. Just like asking a pedestrian on the road to Puyuan, he also knows Xianghai Temple. Because over the years, Xianghai Chan Temple has worked hard to be perfect when it is dedicated to serving others.

The paper used in the books we become acquainted with is the best, and it is a kind of enjoyment for others to hold it, and every layout must give people a visual enjoyment. This is the marketing concept of our Xianghai Temple.

We strictly require ourselves to do our best and satisfy people, and people naturally recognize us and accept us. When chan masters go out to speak, they almost never promote Xianghai, and they rarely even mention Xianghai. However, people still remember Xianghai and believe that Xianghai contributes to the public and society.

Strictly speaking, this is a positive effect of dedication and altruism, which is the best kind of marketing. Real marketing should rise from the “technical” level to the “dao” level. To truly meet the needs of everyone, this is the best marketing.

When we ourselves are not consummate enough, we can’t help but want to be altruistic. In many cases, when you are unable to help others, you may lose your original pure heart. So you should enrich yourself first. Of course, everything cannot be generalized. Sometimes we can learn to strengthen ourselves and treat others with kindness, because we can learn a lot while benefiting others.

In fact, every time you do something and think about a problem, it is a kind of learning. Of course, it depends on whether you are willing to learn. Meditation is a lifelong matter. Through it, we can change ourselves little by little, turning the original bad state into a positive one. Therefore, when facing life, you will find that even if it is raining, the sun is still shining in your heart. The good or bad of life is what we choose with a positive or negative mentality.

If our heart is positive and optimistic, then our every day will be brilliant and beautiful. Meditation is to experience this sense of unity of body and mind, and exercise one’s awareness and sensibility.

I hope everyone will learn to reflect on themselves and let meditation and their lives become one.

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