What are those 2 opposite sides of us? Meditation on Light & Dark

Many people tell that Xianghai Temple was really great and it was a good job. But how can others understand difficulties experienced in the process of building?

In fact, while the temple is developing and exhibiting, various problems will follow one after another. Yesterday’s problems are different from today’s, and today’s problems will not be the same as tomorrow’s. It’s just that how to deal with it depends on everyone. Mentality.

We should face life with the correct attitude. No matter what kind of thing it is, treat it as a good thing, and you will find that your mentality is getting more and more positive and there are fewer and fewer problems.

On the contrary, when we face everything with negative mentality and emotions, the result will only be counterproductive, and success will of course leave you alone. If one’s heart is stained, there will be no place for purity in the heart.

Those who tell lies every day, he never believes others. And if a person always doubts this and that, then he himself is not a trustworthy person. If a person’s heart is dark, then the world he sees is black; if a person’s heart does not have light and happiness, then everything he encounters is sad.

Meditation is to let us come out of the shadows, make ourselves happy like sunshine, and face everything in life with a positive attitude. I often say with others: “People are angels on one side and demons on the other. Sometimes they become evil when they are dragged away by the devil; sometimes they become pure and kind when they return to the angels.”

Although He Kun was a corrupt official, but He also had a good side; Wu Zetian was devalued before, but many people still think she was a great woman. So people have two sides, no matter how good people are, they have their disadvantages, and no matter how bad people are, they also have advantages.

When we look at things objectively, we can see the shining points in others. The important thing is that we must understand the state of the problem when we look at the problem with what kind of mindset.

In Africa, the measure of a woman’s virtue and temperament is the man’s willingness to give a few cows when she gets married. Some people have one cow, some people have three cows, and the tallest one is nine cows. There was a girl who was very ordinary in all aspects, but others used nine cows to marry her. After four or five years passed, people found that this girl had become noble and virtuous, as if she had never seen her so beautiful! All this is due to her husband, because he used nine cows to marry her at the beginning. He believed that this girl had such qualities and aroused her self-confidence. After getting married, this girl has always used high standards to demand herself, and with time she has transformed into a beautiful and virtuous woman.

This is how people are. When we deny ourselves, we become worthless; when you affirm ourselves, you will use noble thoughts and positive spirits to reach a more ideal level, and one day you will become the person in your ideals.

This also corresponds to the phrase “all dharmas are ideals”. A very confident person speaks in front of you, his words and deeds will show confidence. You will find that he is very knowledgeable, his speech is very dynamic, and everything he does is admirable.

What determines these? It is spirit, belief, and idea. Conversely, for example, before we go to meet a person, we know that he is very noble and excellent, then when you see him, you will be so nervous that you can’t even speak, or even your hands tremble. Why is this?

This is a lack of self-confidence.

Meditation is to help us reach the ideal state of freedom, calmness, and transcendence, so that we can find the true roots of life, and support us to laugh at life.

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