Walk slowly and appreciate what you enjoy (meditation)

Meditation is not a day or two thing, but a continuous process. People are very easy to be extreme, very easy to be decadent, and very easy to go back to the previous state. Therefore, we must constantly reflect on ourselves and keep our thoughts and behaviors on track.

So how to reflect? For example, what kind of mentality did I face when I encountered an incident today, and did I handle the matter satisfactorily? You have to observe what your heart is like. Is it complaining, fearing, avoiding, or rejoicing and accepting it calmly? If something has happened and it is right in front of me, then I will face it with a good attitude, and the matter will naturally be resolved satisfactorily. We have to withdraw our hearts, then let go, let go, let go, and then face life with a full-concentrated attitude, and enjoy every moment in life.

Focus on the work when you work, and focus on the details of the conversation when you talk to others.

Take someone you know as an example. Although there are a lot of things on weekdays, at night he would probably tell himself not to think about anything and that it is time to rest.

If one thing cannot be solved today, then think of a solution tomorrow, the current thing is to sleep well.

A senior Chan monk once answered a question about “What is Chan life?” for a scholar. He said: “Eat and sleep.” The visitor was puzzled and asked, “This is what everyone has to do every day.” The eminent monk replied: “Yes, but how many people really taste their meals when they are hungry, and rest when it’s time to sleep?” Indeed, enjoy every moment of time and do everything well, living in the moment is not easy.

People are unhappy when they are alive because our hearts are not staying in the present moment, but drifting away in other states. Therefore, the patriarchal virtues of ancient Chan require to take back the free mind, remove the discriminating mind and obstructive mind, and let ourselves feel the present moment all the time, so that you will find that every state of life is beautiful.

People are inert and inevitably slack in the process of practicing, so if you want to practice diligently, you must have aspirations. This is like having a vision in a company and a plan in life. Specifically, it is to know what to do in a day, a week, a month or even a year. Take reading as an example. This year I have to read a certain number of books, so I have to read a few books a month, and even which books I read, there must be arrangements.

With arrangements, you have to persevere in this direction. In the process of practicing, we also have to set a goal and move toward this goal every day; as time goes by, this vision will emerge more and more clearly in front of you. In this case, it is not easy for us to rest. Conversely, if our vision is not clear, our willingness is not strong, and our mindset is not broad enough, then it is easy for us to pre-emptive. When people are decadent, they will use things that are not related to ideals to pass the time. These pure leisure things really don’t make much sense. If your life is spent in such a wasteful process, then your life has no value to society, nor is it value to yourself. This life is a life of failure. From the standpoint of the ultimate path of liberation, of course the so-called failure and success are relative.

But as people who from time to time do study oriental spiritual cultures, our lives should be more related to dedication and altruistic spirit.


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