The Emperor Can’t Take Away Wealth

In business management, if the boss has a lot of desires and greedy thoughts, he will deceive, and even use any means to obtain and satisfy himself. Once he has these thoughts, he will have no time to care about his employees, he will not be dedicated to his customers, and he will not make a contribution to society.

When the boss is harsh on employees, employees will complain, work efficiency will be greatly reduced, and it is impossible to guarantee quality. When the boss does not try his best to consider the customer, the product will always have such shortcomings. If the customer cannot be satisfied and assured, the customer will leave you. Such a company cannot do it for long.

By analogy, if we face family and friends with this mentality, the result will be the same. When we only think about ourselves and put our own interests first in everything, without considering and caring for others, others will naturally not treat us with heart. You will find that under the control of this kind of thinking, people will be more and more difficult in life, few things can be done well, interpersonal relations are also messed up, family conflicts intensify, all in the final analysis, it is because of the “ego” that only cares about oneself.

Interests, own gains and losses, own thoughts, and actions, only pay attention to your own feelings, your own differences, and your own thoughts on the problem, rarely put your heart and your own ideas down, and look at the problem of objectively , look at others.

The second point of meditation is to get rid of ego. Because “ego” is innate, for example, children will cry when they are hungry. We are fighting for fame, profit, money, and status in this world. People, constantly dressing up and filling up their desires, busy all their lives, what did they get in the end? Many people don’t understand until it’s time to go.

Before his death, Alexander the Great in ancient Greece said with his subordinates: “A great person like me has empty hands at death and can’t take anything with him.” So he asked to put his hands outside the coffin and let those in the scenery look at the domineering people.

When we are young and energetic, we always feel that there is a lot of time and waste time indifferently. We seldom think of what we will be like when we are old and weak, and we rarely think of what we will be like at the end of our lives.

One man was able to pick up more than two hundred kilograms of things at a time when he was young, but now he even walks with a trembling face and needs someone else to help him. Before, I never thought that he would become like this, no matter how powerful people are, they will have a day of aging.

Sometimes I also think: after 30 to 40 years, I will slowly age like him, and I will not have more energy than before, and I will be too old to be supportive. But then I thought that this is the law of the development of things, that is, the process of becoming, staying, bad, and empty. When we don’t realize our final outcome, we don’t know how to be satisfied, and we just ask for it to satisfy our own selfish desires.

To learn Chan is to let us continuously get rid of the “ego”, let go of ourselves, truly liberate ourselves, and face every day with a healthy attitude and joy. I believe that each of us has this experience. When one thing is not done well and you can’t let go, you will always be thinking about it; at this time, because you are absent-minded, you can’t do the second thing well; then the third It’s even more difficult to face.

There are countless things in your life. If you have a bad mentality, things will be like dominoes, and nothing will happen. For example, If say I have a cramp, my stomach is uncomfortable and I can’t eat, and I suddenly receive news that something has happened “in the factory”.

Things keep appearing, and your mentality is not adjusted properly, it will lead to everything that cannot be solved well, and everything makes you anxious.

Treating people with such a mentality will only make living in misery.

Meditation is to help us to get rid of this kind of suffering, allowing us to face the bits and pieces of life with joy, acceptance, tolerance, and understanding, so that all problems can be solved.

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