Riding a Horse & a Donkey, Which One You Choose?

Famous Chinese saying “He rides a horse, and I ride a donkey” denotes a process: emotional process, life process, career process, daily food, clothing, housing and transportation.

Let us merge our heart and body into one, face life with a joyful and grateful heart, and let the light of life shine. But we are very clear that it is not easy to achieve the unity of body, mouth, and mind.

The mind is always unable to calm down, so troubles always entangle us. In order to get rid of worries, we must let ourselves truly understand what it means to live in the present and be content with happiness. The greed and desire of the human heart is endless. Because of desire, we cannot live happily.

When our mind leaves the body, the body is like a walking dead, and people become vegetative. When our heart is not in the moment, our soul is not in the body, and the whole person is in a free state. How can such a way of life come with fun?

There is a picture of a man riding a tall horse walking in front with his head high, a man riding a donkey walking leisurely in the middle, and a man profusely pushing a wooden cart walking in the back.

Just by looking at the content of the painting, people may not be able to immediately understand the meaning of the painting, but when people cast their eyes on the few words written on the painting, they will suddenly realize: “The world is talking about injustice. Riding a donkey, looking back and seeing the pusher, is more than enough.”

There is no doubt that these few words are written in the tone of a donkey rider, which means that people should understand the principle of upholding the middle way. Yes, people spend most of their lives riding donkeys. Even if you want to ride a horse, it’s okay to frown when riding a donkey; otherwise, when you’re on a horse and you see others in a carriage, you will still look sad and hope that you can ride a carriage one day.

If this continues, people will not even have a happy day in their entire life.

Meditation is to change our wrong way of thinking and lifestyle, and to change our wrong living habits. Only by removing these mistakes can we get real happiness in our hearts. If people can’t abandon the habit of greed, their material needs will never be met. When greed makes trouble, we hope that we can get more and more things. The famous writer Liu Yong has a vivid description of this greedy desire of human beings: the passenger compartment is overcrowded, and people without a foothold think: If I had a foothold, it would be fine; those who have a foothold thought: I It would be great if there was a side seat; those who have a sleeping berth would also think: It would be great if the sleeping berth was a separate box.

How to be happy in a life like this?

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