Is it real? The life we live…

A life with a sense of mission is the greatest work of mankind. In the fiction book “Tibetan Code”, a wise man said to his son: “If you enlarge the dust we see now to the size of the earth, you will find that there are also various kinds of dust in it. All kinds of lives.”

We think about it carefully, big and small are relative existence, we always think that many things are the same. These wrong views and thinking make us confused and troubled, so that we are always in facing the world with a wrong outlook on life.

One man went to the Academy of Fine Arts to help a friend pick up the child, a few of them chatted in the car. They talked about one of their classmates who failed to enter the university, but because of the father the relationship went in smoothly. Later, he said jokingly: “It’s better to give him a graduation certificate.” At that time, he thought: “Is it just a matter of living to get a diploma, find a job, then let yourself be accomplished, and finally die?”

It is just a flash of light and stone fire, and in the end, history will be a fair judge: life, no matter how high or low, until death, is nothing but loess. If this is the case, then why persist?

In the scientific experiment of studying the composition of matter, physicists have learned that matter is decomposed into various elements at the end. If these small units are to continue to be decomposed, all existing everything is transformed into energy. In other words, everything we see and touch is actually composed of energy. The things in the universe that seem to you to have relative qualities are all unreal. Many people think that the future is illusory, but the present is real. But when you feel life carefully and observe life carefully, you will find that what you call reality does not actually exist.

Einstein said: Time and space are both human illusions. The Buddhist scriptures say that three thousand great worlds can be contained in one mustard seed, and one mustard seed can also show three thousand great worlds.

We often feel that the world we live in is vast, but we don’t know that from another perspective, it is so small. I don’t know if you have ever seen a picture of space, where our blue water ball is like a dust in the universe. On our planet, a grain of dust goes from forming to flying with the wind, and then smashed back to the ground due to a heavy rain. This process is also similar to the formation, dwelling, degeneration, and emptiness of the universe. Perhaps the dust itself, time has passed thousands of years; but for us, its existence is just a moment.

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