Martial arts is a way of life

Martial arts is a way of life, self-cultivation, family harmony, country governance, and peace in the world.

From the initial struggle for survival, self-defense, home defense, fitness and entertainment, to cultivation of sentiment, and longevity, Chinese martial arts has developed into a unique Chinese that permeates the survival and development, production and life of mankind, and can independently produce sports. The scope also covers technology, ideas, and culture. A physical exercise of a lifestyle, Chinese martial arts is a lifestyle.

1. The lifetime and durability of Chinese martial arts

Looking at all sports in the world, including the popular competitive sports in the world, no event can compare with the timeliness of Chinese martial arts. Because these sports have their time stages, which can be long or short, and will eventually change due to changes in life or body. The Chinese martial arts body has become a part of life and always accompanies people throughout their lives.

Chinese people also call martial arts Kung Fu, as the name suggests, Kung Fu, first of all, it is martial arts, another name for martial arts, it is extended to reach a certain level of skills. The second is the energy and time spent doing things. It can be seen that Kung Fu is the accumulation of time, it is practiced. Practicing kung fu must endure loneliness, practice in winter, practice in summer, practice every day, 365 days a year.

The Shaolin Temple martial arts Kungfu is well-known at home and abroad. In the film and television media, we not only appreciate the superb and legendary Chinese Kungfu, but also see them in their daily life of martial arts. In the hall where they practiced martial arts, due to the practice of several generations of monks, deep foot sockets were left on the floor of the Thousand Buddha Hall.

For the Shaolin monks, martial arts is not just a part of life, but the whole of life. For many predecessors of martial arts, martial arts is also a part of their lives. “Plowing the fields when you are busy, and making fists when you are free.” What our ancestors described to us is a picture of pastoral landscape that makes today’s people dream about. In this, martial arts no longer possess the frosty murderous aura of its martial arts. , And full of warmth and grace in life.

If there are not many martial artists who regard martial arts as the main part of their lives, it is difficult for the culture and technology of martial arts to reach a peak. Here, martial arts has become the whole life of these martial artists. All martial arts masters throughout their lives, Hao head seeks martial arts, and constantly pursues the progress of martial arts skills and moral standards.

Wushu sports has a broad mass base in China and is one of the main sports for people to exercise. Many martial arts exercises have been loved by the masses of the people. There are millions of practitioners in the world who enjoy health and fun from them. Many people have taken martial arts as a lifelong exercise and lifestyle.

2. The life view of Chinese martial arts

Traditional martial arts is a way of life that combines a variety of knowledge and life experience. A disciple who is really taught must learn not only those knives, guns and sticks, but also medicine knowledge, medical knowledge (particularly in trauma), and people who walk the rivers and lakes. “Lip point”-that is, black words, etc., and more importantly, learn how to behave.

We often say that people’s physical health is 1, and the rest are zero, such as reputation, status, money, etc. If the one symbolizing health is present, the more zeros behind, the greater your value. If it symbolizes health 1 is gone, everything will be zero.

The apparent function of Chinese martial arts is first to strengthen the mind. The philosophy of Chinese martial arts is the unity of nature and man. The universe is naturally a big world, and man is a small world. Heaven and man correspond to each other, and man and nature are in essence. Connected, all personnel should follow the laws of nature to achieve harmony between man and nature. How did the ancient real people live forever, “stable and emptiness”, “mentally guarded”. It’s exactly in this state when practicing Kungfu. Really good things are often free, such as sunshine, air, sports, family affection, etc. These are all good medicines. Martial arts use these to achieve nature and return to the basics.

Martial arts is a comprehensive technique used by individuals for health preservation, strengthening, self-defense, self-cultivation, and self-entertainment. It is a good means to enhance the physique of a nation, and it is a window to the soul of the nation. The complexity and superiority of its functions are unmatched by Western sports.

3. Chinese martial arts is moral education

Before practicing martial arts, learn morals. Because martial arts have a strong practicality of skill and defense, every “teacher” with high morals attaches great importance to the investigation and cultivation of “apprentice” character when accepting apprentices. The precepts of the gate emphasize morality, violence and peace, oppose fighting for the strong, bullying and reflecting the characteristics of self-cultivation and self-cultivation.

Martial arts practice is a long and arduous process, and the period is full of loneliness and pain. It requires the perseverance of the martial artist, and perseverance. These are all tests and cultivation of the will and quality of the martial artist. In particular, through learning martial arts, children not only make their bodies more flexible, strengthen their coordination skills, but also gain self-confidence, improve heart breaks, and learn self-control.

Practicing martial arts makes people’s minds younger, which is of great significance to people of any age. In addition, martial arts also play a great role in crime prevention. Martial arts is about self-discipline, it is used to control violence rather than use violence. Martial arts can protect oneself and deter opponents, so as to achieve the purpose of restraining crime.

Now there are many old folk martial artists who never participate in any martial arts competitions and do not perform in front of anyone. Practicing is just a way of life for oneself.

Therefore, the moral education of Chinese martial arts is integrated with itself, and has formed an organic whole, which is indivisible. Low-key and unassuming are the basic requirements of Chinese martial arts, which permeate the lives of martial arts practitioners.

If you choose Chinese martial arts, it means you have chosen a way of life. And this way of life will have a huge, profound and long-lasting impact on your life.

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