Dr. Elena Mozgovaya: “This is How the Earth Gives Birth. Next Page in Ukrainian Reproductology would be people of the globe – more comfort, more high tech, more science, more results!”

Today we will talk about the specifics of the current treatment programs conducted and developed by Dr. Elena Mozgova as part of the Ukrainian Association for Reproductive Medicine (UARM), as well as the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

As you know, medicine does not stand still and moves ahead, where the classic and well-proven approaches are being replaced by more technologically advanced. And now the so-called technologies of the 4th generation of world reproductive medicine, which are coming into wide usage and improvement in Ukraine.

Along with the leading countries and network clinics, in this regard, environmentally friendly methods of treating infertility and other gynecological diseases, including non-surgical repair of complex injuries of the reproductive system of the female body, are entering the arena. But even in the advanced countries of the West and the East, few people ask questions of the symbiosis of concepts such as reproductive medicine and technologies of Ayurvedic origin, complex homeopathic treatment of previously incurable gynecological oncology diseases, as well as new opportunities and protocols for managing patients from different countries anywhere in the world. We will talk about this with Elena Mikhailovna, who has just left the operating room.

– Doctor, we know how difficult it is for you and your colleagues to work in the current conditions of overcrowding in countries with coronavirus patients, which constitutes a significant obstacle to conducting operational, therapeutic and field outreach work on your profile together with your college of doctors and students throughout Ukraine. What statistics do you have between the consequences of coronavirus infection and the influence of the course of the disease itself on the reproductive system and the ability to give birth to a healthy child?

-Coronavirus infection has affected all spheres of our life, including the sphere of reproduction. When the pandemic was gaining momentum, all reproductive medicine clinics urgently suspended their work so as not to bring danger to the health of women and future children. But as time goes on, during the pandemic, new natural pregnancies occurred, and we already have children born in the era of coronavirus. And now we have already accumulated quite a lot of experience in working with pregnant women who have undergone coronavirus.

– What can you offer today in Ukraine to women from all over the world as a welcome and prevention? What do you need to remember?

– We started working in a new way, applying the latest knowledge about this insidious disease. Changing at every moment of time protocols of pregnancy, childbirth and ART programs. We take a differentiated approach to the issues of reasonable prevention, vaccination and preventive measures. We resumed all infertility treatment programs in full, but with new knowledge.

– Why homeopathy, doctor? And how does the reconstruction of the leading eastern and western directions of traditional medicine help you to save a patient who needs urgent hospitalization at the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Oncology Center, the Institute of Cancer and other specialized institutions?

-Today, there are many differentiated programs that combine the latest Western techniques and modified Eastern practices, which for many centuries organically complement and enrich new knowledge. These author’s methods of our specialists are very helpful in unusual situations, especially relevant during a pandemic.

– We know that you have been working in surrogacy in various clinics for many years and, of course, on the one hand, it’s kind of easier to help a couple have a healthy child born on donor oocytes. But what if you want to give birth yourself and at the same time there are serious fears of time with this process – entering the joyful phase of motherhood? How to help a woman to believe in herself again, that she will be able to bear and give birth to a healthy baby in a physiologically normal and natural way?

-I am a supporter of the method of gradual complication of the impact of medical practices on the body. I start all infertility treatment programs with minimal hormonal correction, restoring the natural capabilities of the female body. Today, advanced mitochondrial replacement techniques are available to prolong the viability of oocytes and enable a woman to genetically get impregnated with a child.

-In your current practice, there are two main categories of patients: those who can come to you for some short period of time for the successful result, for example, an IVF cycle, and those who are in the zone of your manipulation and instrumental inaccessibility, but nevertheless want to now to test the unique technologies of our medicine while in their home country. How to help the female patient and her partner self-organize in the treatment process and adjust functionally to a successful result. How is your telemedicine treatment carried out in general?

-Today it is the most optimal and advanced method of conducting programs. Choosing a clinic, meeting specialists online. Setting goals, programming an individual treatment regime and timing. After that, the married couple, in their usual environment, chooses where to be examined and sends ready-made test results, and the doctor of the reproductive center adjusts the appointment and carries out all possible stages of treatment as remotely as possible. The patients arrive at the clinic only at the final stage of the program, which we are not yet able to carry out at a distance. They to need direct participation in the procedure.

– The possibilities of modern laparoscopy and microsurgery at your bases in the treatment of serious gynecological diseases, what could you highlight in this regard right now?

-The technical side is so well-developed and virtually executed that one just wants to be proud of the level of our specialists. The current trend is the most organ-saving interventions, because there are no unnecessary organs.

-How can we help our patients today find hope for a healthy reproductive future of their nation on different world continents?

– Technological progress, strong teams, the ability to conduct some programs remotely for greater patient comfort.

– You periodically meet at major pan-European conferences with the luminaries of reproductive science, Nobel laureates in medicine, staff members of the World Health Organization and ministries of states. What forecasts in the current phase of the development of reproductive medicine can be equated with an improvement in the demographic situation in individual countries? What is the technological potential of modern Ukrainian gynecology and reproductive medicine for the world community?

Ukraine is one of the leading countries in terms of intellectual potential. Our scientists are known all over the world, and we have patients from all over the world, as we can show high results in the treatment of the most difficult situations with non-standard treatment programs, and most importantly, with a personalized approach to each married couple.

– We were so much pleased to talk with you. Let me wish your next patient a rapid post-anesthesia remission against the background of the removal of deep intrauterine formations. Our Lisa will also never forget how kind and courteous you were with her. We will not interrupt you from overcoming the risk of staying in the hospital today for the night shift, I see your nurse has just received an order to prepare for vaginal plastic surgery. May Saint Panteleimon be with you in the prayers of women in labor! Do you want to wish us something again?

– The most important thing in infertility treatment is trust in the doctor. We always strive to help you with the most optimal method that suits you, for which we are constantly growing and improving.

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