On the Seeds and Roots of Wushu Culture

Nowadays, the world is very different, and the speed of change is much faster than the progress of people’s thinking. The once glorious skill that once supported the glory of a dynasty, and the craftsmen who built the jade carvings can only sigh helplessly in the face of sudden changes In fact, in the era when they have mastered their skills and traveled freely in the world, they are still a niche group. People in the rivers and lakes cannot make money with their own skills. This is the bottom line of the dignity of the people in the rivers and lakes. It has never been broken. Until now, there is such a phenomenon in the traditional martial arts circle.

A highly respected martial artist, whether it is because of life or love for money, as long as he earns money from martial arts, his reputation will soon become bad, and he teaches real things to collect money. He was quickly learned by others. After a while, he won’t make money. If he doesn’t teach the real things, he will soon be criticized, but he still can’t make money and his reputation is gone. Why? Because the needs of this era have changed, cold weapons are no longer needed for combat, bodyguards, and nursing homes are no longer needed.

Traditional Chinese martial arts, both internal and external martial arts, originated in battlefields. Chinese martial arts are not incapable of fighting, but are good at weapon fighting, group fighting, and close hand-to-hand combat. There are no rules at all. Western confrontational competitions are all good at one. For one, there is no equipment and there are clear rules to not hit the parts. The difference in weight has less impact on the life and death of both sides in the battle, so it can explain that many martial artists are not heavyweights. And can develop excellent skills.

Close hand-to-hand combat requires the smallest movement and the greatest effect, and it’s easy to loose your life if you are careless, so it is impossible to have the beautiful movement of the routine performance. Even if the movement range needs to be increased during training, it is also for the extreme environment It can be applied to save lives. The actions are simple and effective. It takes tens of thousands of repetitions of simple and efficient actions. In China there are also modern martial arts written by some scholars and created by masters, they are divided into training methods, play methods and performance methods. So there are three training methods for different purposes: practice, play, and performance.

For example , Neijiaquan’s boxing theory is profound, and it is deep in the interest of many thoughts such as traditional Chinese Taoism. It cannot be summed up by soldiers. At that time, soldiers had very little culture, and those with a little culture soon emerged. Taking off the spear as a fist, there is a certain truth in the historical legend to worship Yue Fei as the ancestor. The Bagua palm has a single palm with a single sword, and both palms have a double sword. Only in the late Northern Song Dynasty and the beginning of the Southern Song Dynasty did the double swords have historical records for use in battle formations. In the Western Jin Dynasty, there was a habit of using double knives. In the late Northern Song Dynasty, famous generals such as Hu Zaixing were all immediate generals who used double knives.

What is the relationship between martial arts and Taoism? Why should we stay together for warmth in this era?

“The important matter of the country is sacrificed to the Rong – glory” (from “Zuo Zhuan”). Taoism originated from “sacrifice”, and martial arts originated from “Rong”. Both are the foundation of the country and the foundation of the Chinese nation.

In ancient wars, “rituals” were spoken of, and rituals were “Zhou rituals”. Taoist science and rituals also originated from “Zhou rituals” and have the same root. Taoist medicine is based on the meridian theory. The practice of martial arts is inseparable from the zangfu meridian theory. The theoretical basis of both parties is the same, and martial arts also has the idea of ​​harmony between man and nature.


Tao is the body of virtue, virtue is the use of Tao, martial arts emphasizes martial ethics, martial ethics is based on loyalty and filial piety, Taoism “desire for immortality, first cultivate humanity”, and also stresses loyalty and filial piety.

People who practice martial arts often recite the four levels of grace: the heaven and the earth, the sun and the moon, the emperor’s water and soil, and the parenting. This is consistent with the ideas advocated by Taoism.

In today’s era, people’s minds are not ancient. It is the autumn of the survival of martial arts and religion. They should be mutually beneficial and complementary. To preserve the martial arts that have been spread among the people, they should rely on the profound cultural system of Taoism, and the inheritance of Taoist teachings and alchemy should be introduced to martial arts experts. Folk master of boxing.

In addition to the characteristics of the three schools of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, Chinese traditional culture also has the tradition of “Using martial arts into Taoism, combining Chan and martial arts”. Chinese inherit and carry forward these excellent cultures.

What is martial culture?

The things are mixed, so it is called text. What is intertwined with each other is culture, and the addition of human beings is humanity. With change and education, it is culture. Culture needs to progress and it needs to be restored, so it needs cooperation. Martial arts and Taoism should cooperate in depth. Starting from me, it will affect the next generation. Young people will be intellectual. Young people should understand that the vitality of martial arts requires Taoism, and that the development of Taoism requires martial arts to enter the world.


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