Prospects for doing business and effective strategies with partners from Central Asian states.

Peculiarities of business etiquette with regard to the features of business etiquette

One should first of all take into account, that businessmen from Central Asian countries, due to their long common history, are quite close to Europeans in many elements of mentality.

However, it should be borne in mind that in communicating with them one should behave as openly as possible and demonstrate a constant disposition towards them. However, this does not imply “flattening” in front of them. They should feel that they are sincerely talked to as equals and do not consider them second-class people. It is advisable when communicating not in form, but, in fact, to be clear in expressing your intentions and wishes.

When communicating, one must be disciplined and punctual, while at the same time keeping in mind that they themselves may not always be so. It is not worth “getting hung up” on the possible ambiguity and indiscipline on their part, but it is also not worth leaving such moments without attention. Therefore, it should be noted in a joking manner that such negative moments create certain problems.

During business negotiations, do not consume alcoholic beverages. This can be done at the end of negotiations or in your free time, but only in the evening. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that it is necessary to clearly control the measure of alcohol consumed.

When a feast is possible, one should behave naturally, but if possible, do not use harsh swear words and expressions, even if the partners themselves will periodically use them. What is permissible when telling an anecdote is not always permissible at an ordinary feast.

It is good to have some general understanding of the history, culture and economy of these countries so that you can maintain a small talk. At the same time, if you yourself, for any reason, perceive the Soviet period of their history negatively for a number of points, then you should not demonstrate this to your partners. The fact is that you have no guarantees that they think the same way as you do.

In addition, if possible, negative assessments of certain peoples and countries should be avoided. Pulling you into conversations about such topics can be just a rudimentary test of your competence and your personality traits.

If you see people dressed in national clothes, then there is no need to show great surprise. It is natural for them, as well as for us some of our peculiarities, including in clothes.

Some features of export-import operations (risks, level of legal protection)

As regards export-import operations and related risks, it should be noted that risks are at a slightly higher level than in Europe. But not on the beyond. Therefore, it should be emphasized that if you really want to work seriously and on a long-term basis with partners from these countries, then you need to take seriously certain requirements for the development (with the help of specialists or through them) of the local legislative framework on issues of interest to you. There is a difference in the legal framework of these countries, and sometimes significant. To the greatest extent, everything related to export-import operations is regulated in Uzbekistan.

It should be borne in mind that mutual payments between our countries to this day pass without any problems. It should be understood that the concept of “rule of law” has different semantic shades in the West and in the East. Taking into account the peculiarities of reading this truth in each specific situation and, moreover, preventing the emergence of risks is also one of the tasks of professional consultants who provide support for the development of your business in a particular country.

The mechanisms of interaction with Iran and Afghanistan are the least developed, but they can also be guaranteed with the help of the involvement of specialists. In order for you to feel more confident, you should apply to your regional chamber of commerce and industry so that its representatives formally petition the CCI of a particular country in which you intend to work in advance to support you at all stages of your activity.

It should be borne in mind that the CCIs of these countries publish annually materials (primarily in electronic version) on changes in local legislation. These countries have trade representatives from the Ministry of Economy of the European states. It is also worth establishing early contact with them. However, it should be borne in mind that our trade representatives, for various reasons, may not always be able or willing to provide you with the necessary assistance and support.

Of course, there are a number of points to which additional attention should be paid in interactions with partners from Central Asian countries in order to reduce the risks of operations. For example, when delivering, it is necessary to insist that the issue of acceptance of products in terms of quantity and quality is discussed especially carefully. However, everything that is necessary cannot be stated within the limited article like this. These are tasks for support specialists – there are, alas, very few of them in this region, but this circumstance can also be perceived as your competitive advantage.

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