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Everyone wants to be healthy, happy and prosperous. Few people know that the biggest basis of health, happiness and prosperity is happiness of mind. If you have good health but no wealth, then a person cannot remain happy. Money will be there, but even if there is no health, the person will remain unhappy. Unlike these two, happiness itself is a powerful inner treasure. When a person is happy, there is secretion of healthy hormones in his/her body. These hormones increase the body’s immunity. Therefore happiness is a subtle medicine. Conversely, anxiety, fear and apprehension are fatal merges, due to which secretion of toxic chemicals occurs inside the body. There is no macro medicine for its treatment. It has been said that for these mental weaknesses, the merge has increased as medicine.

This is happening today in Corona era. The Corona virus is not as deadly as it is, many times more dangerous than that. It is weakening the human immunity due to which he is becoming an easy victim.

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‘Prasad Sarvedukhanan’ means that if the mind is happy, then all the suffering is far away. People think that they will be able to remain happy only when the misery is away. this is not right. Happiness is an internal thing. It is not dependent on outsider, object, means, resources. Nor can it be bought with rupees. Happiness of the mind is the gift of the divine.

Yoga is the fruit of spiritual practice. It gives one of the best education of spiritual knowledge and easy Raja Yoga to humanity.

Our fight should be to exterminate the epidemic like corona or to remove the negative elements inside us, anger, greed, fascination, jealousy, ego etc. or positive powers like happiness, peace, balance, coolness, satisfaction and happiness etc. To include in all of these, it is helpful to live in the present. If you learn this, then the rest of the work becomes easy. In the Vedas, telling about the importance of the present, it has been said that what has passed, nothing can be done and what is to come, nothing can be said about it. Only the present can be changed. The present can only be used correctly.

The second requirement to be happy is that we do not compare ourselves to anyone else. All that is received is to be accepted as a gift, and it is easy to accept it. To be satisfied. The greatest treasure of life is satisfaction. We learn to be satisfied. Do not make us unhappy or disturbed by the nature, sanskars, words, mannerisms and circumstances of others.

महिलाओं की सुरक्षा एवं स्वास्थ्य की बदहाली क्यों?

To be happy it is necessary not to give sorrow, nor to take sorrow. Always give happiness, take pleasure. The saying goes, introvert always happy, external face always sad. Always be introverted to be happy. That is, look at yourself and not others. Do self-thinking. But no thinking. Change yourself, not others. Stay in a pleasant memory of every goodness so that self-power, morale and immunity will increase. Only then can you succeed in keeping yourself and others healthy, happy and safe.

When despair begins to tighten in its grip, it should be thought of how much we have, how fortunate we are. Breathing comfortably in an open and clean place, it is a great boon if you are in good health. If we keep the feeling of gratitude above the place of dissatisfaction, then we feel the beauty of life better. Psychologists say that if we thank only five things related to our life every day, then we get mental happiness. Friends, family, neighborhood, health, fresh air in the morning, collection of good books, nutritious food, talking to children, sweet songs, fresh flowers, cooking art, calm mind, pets, free will to spend Money, two hands, two strong legs, a healthy heart, you will have some of these. If you have all these, then imagine how lucky you are. You can express gratitude to your heart for your good luck.

अच्छे स्वास्थ्य का महत्व - Swasthya Ka Mahatva

Once a young man came to a saint and said, “I am very unlucky.” I am also very poor. I have nothing Mahatma ji help me. ”Hearing this, the saint said,“ Sell your eyes to me for fifty thousand. ”The young man refused. The saint further said, “Give two feet in a lakh.” The young man again refused. Now the saint said, ‘Give your two hands for a million.’ The young man got very angry on hearing this and said to the saint, ‘You had to ask for some help, you are joking with me.’ The saint smiled and said, ‘You Be so rich and i should be kidding you, why good? Millions have a body and say, I am impoverished.

The young man understood. He began to work hard forgetting the sadness of the past. When he went to the saint after two months, he looked very refreshed. The saint could not recognize. When the young man told the whole thing, the saint was very pleased with him. The young man’s bus outlook had changed. He was grateful to his healthy body. Now he could do whatever he wanted. We all keep our point in the way we behave. Sometimes we get angry due to unreasonable expectation from life. Think inside yourself, what are the rites which mix in our blood. We should completely abandon the emotions like comparing, anticipating, crying, repenting with awareness.

It is our nature that repeatedly tells us to say thank you to everyone. The buds thank the sun’s rays. The fish thank the river. Talking with a bird cloud is called thank you. By keeping thank you on top, body and mind will always remain healthy. To say thank you means to distance yourself from resentment. Then there will be no disturbance, complaint, negative thoughts in the mind. There will always be an amazing force. Self-confidence will never be lost. The immunity potential will increase. The level of awareness, vigilance will not come down. The result of all this will be that the Abha Mandal will start to be very spectacular, increasing the social popularity. This is a medicine without money, why not do it every day.

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