Just like the voice deeply inside is training us with the sun, so is our path – it shows us the way to the origins..

Modern education has many interesting forms and dimensions, from classical to non-standard, but at all times and everywhere, it has always focused on human development, expanding horizons of knowledge of the world and awareness of the place of man in the living world.

Our project is not an exception too, which will devote a significant part of its efforts not only to educational issues in the dimension of modern Orientalism, international relations or the development of expert lines in economic relations between Europe and Asia. First of all, the idea of ​​ European Center of Oriental Humanities & Asia Business Development (ECOHAB) is closely connected with the spiritual development of humans, their expression of will in search of original forms of thinking for the realization of their most cherished dreams and plans.

The project is international and will work in the languages ​​of international communication, but it is a fundamental contribution of Ukrainian Orientalistics, which will gladly share selected and best traditions of cultivating deep mutual understanding and respect for Eastern cultures, and invites partners from all over Europe to join the project integrating to the world environment of relations with the East in the 3rd millenium of the Common Era.

The work of the Center mainly focuses on 3 main areas:

– applied educational work in deepening and strengthening existing in Europe training programs for young professionals and economically active population;
– ensuring the cooperation of European entrepreneurs, institutions and citizens through development lines of partnership with difficult to understand countries of the East.
– creating new opportunities in the context of identifying and realizing the promising potential of creative people.

And, of course, we are happy to invite outstanding talents and people of the path connected with the East to support their cause. We will work closely with educational institutions, relevant institutions, intergovernmental organizations and centers influential for the world economy, as well as associations of entrepreneurs, scientists and art circles and centers of cultural diplomacy.

We will pay special attention to supporting people’s health and health care in general. In particular, for 5 years we have been supporting the world-famous reproductive medicine of Ukraine, gynecology and pediatrics, helping couples from all over the world to become not only parents but also to overcome both infertility and a number of diseases, not only the reproductive system of women and men. A separate section of our work is devoted to the topic of preserving life and ecology of welfare in the 21st century.

Let our ties become stronger with each step, let the decisions be more moderate, and on all roads of integration of the values ​​of the European society in the global context be accompanied only by common success!