Western revival of Myanmar Art

For the first time, rare works of art from Myanmar will be on display at the Asia Society Museum in New York, USA.

The exhibition, titled Burmese Buddhist Art from Myanmar, will run from February 10 to May 10, and will feature works from the 5th to the 20th century. Copper, lacquerware, Cotton
And paintings. Joseph Rashan, executive director of the Asia Society, said the exhibition was a “remarkable event” for art and diplomacy.

Burma, remained under British rule for a long time until 1948. That is also the center of various religious and cultural works, such as Buddhism. The show is a testament to the influence of Buddhism, said Kevin Rudd, chairman of the Asia Society and former Australian Prime Minister.

Since 2012, Andrea Possar, Asia Society’s Asia Artistic Director, and his team have been working with stakeholders in Myanmar to obtain the exhibition. Concerns remain as many antiquities in Burma are lost and irreversible.

The processor has visited Myanmar three times in the past year and signed a contract to exhibit.

“I want people to see the truly amazing and wonderful culture of Burma,” he said. Many people think that cultures from people in isolated places will develop little. In fact, there are other things that have been really evolving over the centuries. The exhibition illustrates this very well. “

The exhibition will be hosted by the Asia Society and will feature events highlighting Myanmar’s cultural policy and progress.

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