Peculiar Yin-Yang People: What verified Yin-Yang people in ancient times.

There are always people in the world who are different from ordinary people. This time we are going to talk about yin and yang people. A yin and yang person can be a man or a woman, and there are two genitals in one body. And there are quite a few such incidents in ancient China. Next, we will explore for you how the ancient Yin and Yang people carried out intercourse and reproduced their offspring!

What is a yin-yang person? A yin-yang person refers to a person who has both male reproductive organs and female reproductive organs. This is due to gender abnormalities caused by abnormal differentiation during embryonic development. Generally based on sex chromosomes, beam color, the inconsistency of gonads and external genitalia can be divided into male pseudohermaphroditism, female pseudohermaphroditism and true hermaphroditism.



A strange yin and yang person, how to find out that it is a verification method for yin and yang person!

Being a yin and yang person has many unspeakable concealments. Yin-yang people refer to those who are born with gender characteristics of both sexes-these characteristics may be reflected in genes, chromosomes, body hair and genitals. Lady’s body is not sensitive to the testosterone secreted by her testicles (her body converts testosterone into estrogen). In North America, there are 20,000 yin and yang people, and the probability of yin and yang people is one in two thousand.

During the reign of Emperor Hui of Jin, there was a yin and yang person in Luoyang who could use both genitals. And there is a lady in Changshu. She has been raised as a young lady since she was a child, but she is also a person who can use both genitals. Such a person is male and female.

During the Five Dynasties, the “Suspected Prison Collection” compiled by He Ning and his sons contains records of Yin and Yang people. In the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Jing wrote the six-volume “Supplementary Prison Collection”, which was later included by Ling Mengchu in “The Surprise for the First Time Shooting Cases”, adding a lot of fragrant details to this.

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Song Ci’s “Supplementary Notes and Recovery of Injustice Records Collection Evidence” records the case of Wu County citizen Ma Yunsheng’s wife Wang clan and Jin Sanguan’s wife. 

In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were even more records about Yin and Yang people. Shen Defu’s “Wanli Yedi Bian” of the Ming Dynasty records: There are two forms of life in life, which existed in ancient times. The “Great Prajna Sutra” contains five kinds of yellow gates, the fourth of which is “Bo Chaban”, and Sakyamuni says “Half a month can be a man, and a half a month cannot be a man”. But if you don’t have a cloud, you can also be a woman. “Su Wen” has the saying that “male pulse responds, female pulse responds”, so it has two forms.

One day, the county officials discussed this peculiar case of cheating. An official said: “There is a nun Dong Shixiu in Guangzhou. She looks very beautiful. There is an official who wants to take the nun. , Found that the nun was a man, the official was furious and reported to the official. The government refused to arrest the nun and verified that she was still a woman.

It can be seen that in ancient times, yin and yang people could also be treated equally, and they would not be treated as monsters. But now that social sciences are so advanced, if this happens, will they be treated well, and will they be able to live an ordinary life?

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