The taste of lyric plot through Shang Yang Fu

The “Shangyang Fu” has actually been completed for a long time, and it was not officially scheduled to be broadcast until the beginning of this year. The most controversial one is that the heroine Zhang Ziyi start playing in her teens. This age difference seems a bit worrying. Of course, the specific quality of “Shangyang Fu” will not be known until the end of the broadcast. The following interesting history editor will first introduce the background and plot of “Shangyang Fu”.

  ”Shangyang Fu” is adapted from the “Imperial Industry” by the narrator. “Imperial Industry” does not clearly indicate its dynasty background. However, based on the situation of the countries in the novel, some readers speculate that it may be in the Northern and Southern Dynasties. Of course, the real background dynasty should not be emphasized in the play, and it is generally treated as an overhead play.

The story of the play takes place in the Dacheng dynasty where the imperial power is decayed and the gentry is rampant. It is obvious that this is an overhead historical drama, and the lord of Shangyang County Wang Yan is also a fictional character. Somewhat similar, so some people say that Wang Zhang is a character portrayed based on Queen Dugu, but there is indeed no such person in history.

Wang Yan is a daughter of the Langya Wang clan who is a collection of prosperity and love. The twelve queens of Dacheng are all from the Langya Wang clan. Since Wang Yan was born, her destiny has been arranged. In the future, she will marry the Dacheng Crown Prince and mother. Appreciate the world. Wang Zhang grew up in the palace since he was a child, with a lively temperament, intelligent and wit, and he was loved by the queen mother and the emperor.

Wang Chang and the three princes, Ma Zitan, their childhood sweethearts, are in agreement. They believe that each other is the only one in their life. However, the world is unpredictable. Wang Chang was betrothed to Yuzhang Wang Xiaoqi by his father as a chess piece fighting for power. Xiao Qi was born in a poor family and has no deep family background. By virtue of his military merits, he became a unique feudal king with a different surname in Dacheng, and he married the lord of Shangyang.

Wang Yan is the only daughter of the noble family, and she has a noble status. She could have been with Ma Zidan, but she still couldn’t live up to the arranged fate. Her father only had power and status in his heart. In order to shine the Langya Wang family, he worked hard and unscrupulous, even his biological daughter To take advantage, Wang Zhang is like a soulless puppet being pushed into a cruel chess game by his father. Fortunately, Xiao Qi is a good man. He is single-minded to Wang Zhang, and the two work hard for the same goal.

“Shangyang Fu” is in theaters, but the hottest topic is not the plot, nor the history related to it, but whether Zhang Ziyi performed the “feeling of a girl”. This is somewhat surprising!

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