Anthropological House of Kish Indigenous People

The original and ancient people of Kish, or perhaps better to say, the natives of Kish , have built a building in the oldest neighborhood of the beautiful island of Kish. This building is more than 200 years old today and is called the Old Safin. This ancient and original building is called the anthropological house of Kish .

Kish Anthropology House is located on a land with an area of ​​one thousand two hundred square meters. This 200-year-old building has 15 rooms, 2 courtyards and 1 family courtyard. The architecture of this building is completely indigenous. This beautiful and heartwarming house is a symbol of the originality and hospitality of the good, warm-hearted and kind people of Kish . Be the guest of the unique people of Kish for the hospitality experience. Get to know Kish and its people better and more fully than before by living in a suite for a few days .

The purpose of establishing the house of the natives of Kish

This original house, a relic of the past, in order to introduce the history, culture, customs, livelihood and unique handicrafts of the natives of Kish, with the aim of creating employment for the natives of the neighborhood and realizing sustainable tourism development for the beautiful islandб that is what Kish have become.

The owner of the native house

The main owner of this house, the late Haj Abdullah bin Shahin, has been one of the well-known and popular celebrities of Kish for the past 80 years. He was a pearl merchant and the owner of one of the largest sailing launches of his time. This important and well-known gentleman has also been skilled in professions such as carpentry and craft making.

This house, which is now dedicated to all the people of Kish and tourists eager to Kish , has been the inherited house of this family. This house was inherited by him three generations before the late Haj Abdullah bin Shahin.

The importance of the house of the natives of Kish among the people of the island

The House of Anthropology has a special status for the natives of the past generation of Kish, especially the people of Safin Ghadim. Because the doors of this house have always been open to the public, and every corner has been a blessing to the people of ancient Safin. This house was the school or library of these residents. The people of Safin Ghadim learned to read and recite the Qur’an for the first time in this house.

Today, this house has been established with the aim of providing an original and traditional space for introducing the natives and their activities in the past to travelers and guests. The anthropological house of the natives of the beautiful island of Kish, located in the old Safin neighborhood, hosts Kish residents and travelers.

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