“The Ordinary Road” of Pu Shu

With the release of the movie “The Ordinary Road” and the singing of the song of the same name, Pu Shu came into people’s eyes again. At the most glorious moment, Pu Shu suddenly disappeared from the fans’ sight. There were all kinds of speculations, including “depression”, “emotional problems”, “family reasons”, and the media said it was because he was “exhausted in Jiang Lang”. People think what is expressed in this song is what Pak Shu wanted to tell fans most. Let’s find the story behind “Ordinary Road” together.

Many post-80s like to listen to Pu Shu probably started from elementary school and middle school. After more than ten years, we finally heard his extraordinary works again. The time when this song “Ordinary Road” was released was really hot. Probably many people have found their own shadows from this song, and it has a great resonance.

Han Han filmed the film “Ordinary Road” for the first time and invited Pu Shu to create the theme song of the same name for the film. The two people who have the same literary atmosphere jointly wrote the lyrics to complete this work, of course, the composition was completed by Pu Shu.

We can feel that this song is singing Pu Shu’s career in the music industry. At the peak of his career, Pu Shu had many honors, including money. But Pu Shu suddenly disappeared just like the lyrics sang, it was like suddenly destroyed together, and everything drifted away like smoke in a blink of an eye. We don’t know what he has gone through, he has fallen and struggled, and has no direction, but he has never given up like a weed and found his direction again. Maybe he was not leaving the silence, maybe he was looking for and discovering something more ordinary, which is what Pu Shu has been pursuing for many years.

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