The Book Of Changes: As Long As You Do Things Steadily And Wait Patiently, Good Opportunities Will Come Naturally

“The Book of Changes” is used to build momentum: as long as you do things steadily and wait patiently, good opportunities will naturally come.

The easiest way to do things is to follow the trend.

When it comes, it will go up, and when it goes, it will stop.

In the 64 hexagrams in the Book of Changes, each hexagram has an internal hexagram and an external hexagram, representing internal and external causes.

People can use their own efforts to strengthen internal factors and then influence external factors to achieve the purpose of building momentum. This is an important trick to success. There are three specific methods:

1. Be firm in what you want to do.

As the saying goes, it’s not a climate.

For a kind of potential energy to manifest, it needs enough energy to brew. If it takes 100% to succeed, and 90% hard work, it will not be a climate.

There is a critical threshold between the transformation of potential energy into hexagrams and images. Only by breaking through this threshold can you see the result of your efforts.

“Tun Gua” in the Book of Changes reveals the law of slow brewing of potential energy-Tun accumulation.

The Tun says: “Tun, the toughness and the softness begin to meet, but it is difficult to live, and the movement is in danger, the tycoon is Zhen.”

Everything is starting to be difficult.

The reason is that everything needs to go through a slow accumulation process at the beginning of everything.

Even if you are a genius, if you go to a new field, you need to start again and slowly accumulate experience.

This process is more difficult, but if you can persist, accumulate enough potential energy, and finally break through the critical threshold, things will become smoother and smoother, and you will eventually get Tycoon Zhen.

Lao Tzu said in The Tao Te Ching:

“The people’s work is often done after a few successes. There is no failure if the end is careful and the beginning is the same.”

Ordinary people do things only for a few percent. When encountering difficulties, they can’t stick to it and give up halfway. Only those who are consistent and persevere can get things done.

Therefore, as long as your direction and goal are correct, you must stick to it to the end.

Be firm in what you want to do. When encountering any difficulties or suffering any setbacks, don’t doubt yourself, don’t give up on yourself, and don’t be afraid of failure.

Only by believing in yourself can you release the potential of nature.

2. The momentum goes up, and the momentum goes away.

When will the potential energy be activated?

This is impossible to determine.

Because the changes in the “Book of Changes” follow certain rules, but the changes between events are random.

One thing to be sure is that when you are convinced of yourself, do not rush, calm, stay alert, and are aware of the coming and going of potential energy, you can immediately detect it.

At this time, the biggest obstacle is the interference of my own mind and past experience.

Some people are not reconciled. They clearly see that the time has passed, and they still have to chase after it.

When the momentum comes, it goes up, and when it goes away, it stops. You can’t hesitate, let alone fight. Only courageous, brisk, and freely retractable can we flexibly control the coming and going of potential energy and seize the opportunity.

Instinctively do it, think about it, hesitate and dare not do it, good time is not waiting for others, it is often so wasted, and you can only wait for the next time.


3. Not in a hurry, not busy, a good time will come naturally.

We have one thing in common, that is, impatience.

We have invested time, energy, financial resources, and material resources, so We are very impatient and hope to see the results sooner. Anxious, let us do things too hard, after three minutes of heat, it is difficult to stick to it.

No hurry, no busy, good time will come naturally.

We have decided to do one thing,

First of all, you must be firm in your heart, be convinced, work hard, improve at the same time, and accumulate energy;

Secondly, maintain a calm mind, do not rush or slow down, do a good job of daily planning, and gradually move forward;

Finally, stay alert. When your own strength and ability to do things are strong enough to break through the critical threshold, opportunities will appear at any time.

This process is to go with the flow. Firm a goal, do things down-to-earth, and at the same time, do not rush for success, things will be stable. Slowly, a good time will come naturally.

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