The Doctor of Ukraine to Convey Female-addressed fertility messages from the Universe. Phenomenon of Dr. Elena Mozgova and her life long Orient

Our world is beautiful, and full of life colors. And people come to help here from the origin of life on earth, for it is not enough to write in books about them, make films or stick into family albums around the world.

Several years ago, the whole of China, and with it the entire Eastern world, was stirred up by a wave of happiness when the long-awaited first-borns were came to this world in multicultural families, conceived by means of unique and advanced assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine. But quite few people know about those, who tirelessly put their work and love into opening the door to help desperate infertility.

And even not only because they passed the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the establishment in the Oriental realm, having defended their dissertations on advanced world ART and the organization of medical practice in centers and hospitals under the guidance of the fathers of gynecology, mastered and taught the protocols of conducting the work of other doctors and all medical personnel, conducted thousands of successful programs, opened dozens of other countries together with market development managers, but only because of their love for people and due to the fact that they kept walking despite the challenges of the time and remained devoted to their vocation despite the trends of trivial “easy enrichment” in today’s world medicine. Today they are here with us and will decorate the road of life to the world, and to a woman to motherhood even on the edge of the globe.

Hello, Doctor! It would be meager and poor on the rights of banal advertising to say anything about you, tell a little about yourself and your vocation, everything that you would like to let the world know about your path as it was, is now and will be soon.

– Hello, my name is Elena Mozgova.
I live and work in Ukraine, in the city of Kiev. I am a doctor – obstetrician-gynecologist. Candidate of Medical Sciences. Doctor of the highest category.

Life has so developed that I devoted most of my professional activity to the problem of infertile marriage, namely, the treatment of infertility using methods of assisted reproductive technologies (ART, IVF). Therefore, patients know me as a reproductive specialist, an ultrasound doctor, a specialist in endocrine gynecology, management of women with miscarriage, in particular, after using ART.

Education and professional activities

In 2001, I graduated with honors from the National Medical University. A.A. Bogomolets (Kiev, Ukraine) and was included into the “Gold Book of Honor at National Medical University”

2001-2003 – completed an internship in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the National Medical University.

In 2006 I defended my Ph.D. thesis on “Risk factors, diagnosis and treatment of miscarriage in women after in vitro fertilization.” In 2006, I received the second, 2010 – the first, and in 2015 – the highest qualification category.

Experience and places of work:

I began my practical activity in classical obstetrics and gynecology: at the National Medical University named after A.A. Bogomolets, at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology 1, in the City Maternity Hospital No. 5 in Kiev, the Department of Gynecology at the Clinical Hospital No. 18 in Kiev.

At the same time, there was the ISIDA Clinic, in which I realized myself as a reproductologist and this became the sense of my whole life. In my life there were Clinic “Neomed” (“Mother and Child”), Clinic “Victoria”, Clinic “BioTexCom”, in each of which I helped hundreds of infertile couples to find the happiness of having children.

Also in my biography there is the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Department of Personnel Education and Science, consultative and expert work in the magazines “Mother and Child Health”, “Guide for Parents”, “Your Baby”, the web portal “Health of Ukraine”, as well as educational programs for doctors “Medical and legal aspects of reproductive medicine”

– You became the first reproductive doctor who gave happiness to Chinese families in Ukraine, you saw off those who visited you again and again, taking their children in their arms. Why, China, doctor? Were you not even afraid to enter the arena of the Celestial Empire? Who taught you all this to anyone and not to be afraid of anything and always go ahead?

Reproductology is what I have been doing all my professional life. I love my job!
It all started back in 1997, when the dean of my faculty, Professor V. N. Blagodarov, suggested reading the book by Professor F. V. Dakhno “1 + 1 = 3”, about a new direction in the treatment of infertility.

Then, back in my student years, ISIDA appeared in my life. Professor Sudoma I.A., Veselovsky V.V., Zinchenko V.M., Zukin V.D., they all shared their knowledge and experience so that I could become a real professional. And the famous Israeli reproductologist David Bider and his team – professors Levron, Levran, Mashiyah helped me to reach the level of a guru. They taught this to do, not to stop, to believe that the impossible is not. Israel is a mixture of European progress and Eastern wisdom. It was there that I began to pay attention to exactly Chinese philosophy and dream of working with special Chinese patients.

Therefore, when at the BIOTEXCOM clinic, I had the opportunity to work with the Chinese direction, I gladly accepted it.

– What happened before: donated or donated motherhood?

I have deduced the formula for infertility treatment thousands of times and long-awaited babies appeared in families around the world. I consider all of them a little my own, because I was the first to hold them in my hands in an embryocatheter. And this is an indescribable sensation, to hold in your hands a cell from which a Human will be born.

It so happened that the children whom I helped will appear in this world, older than my own children. I became a mother in a conscious state and age and accepted the feeling of my own motherhood as a gift largely thanks to the children I helped create.

-How did it happen that you found the key to the heart and pearl of the East on the operating table? They say it is psychologically very difficult to meditate along with the eastern concerns of patients before and after anesthesia, is that true?

Working with patients from China, and indeed with the oriental group of patients, differs significantly from the recognized European model. This is a puzzle of the absolute trust of patients and the filigree technique of performing manipulations by a doctor. The head of the department for work with China, the famous and talented orientalist Petro Rybalchenko, helped me to put this puzzle together. It was with him that we adapted the protocols for the management of Chinese patients to their mentality using the most advanced Western techniques. And they got a stunning success. Eight out of ten couples became parents in the first two attempts.

– What generally recognized associations and colleges do you belong to and do you share with colleagues the experience you have gained, do you educate students to follow your example?

Scientific work

I am a full member of ESHRE (European Association for Reproductive Medicine), UARM (Ukrainian Association for Reproductive Medicine). I regularly take part in domestic and international scientific conferences on reproductive medicine and gynecology, as well as in related scientific disciplines, in the annual conferences of UARM, ESHRE, ASRM. I am the author of more than 30 publications in specialized and publicistic publications such as “Women’s Health”, “Mystestvo Likuvannya (The Art of Treatment)”, “Ukrainian Medical Chasopys (Magazine)”, “Medical Aspects of Woman’s Health”, “Management of the Healthcare Institution”. Co-author of patents: A method for predicting the risk of pregnancy in women with extracorporeal health (2005). A method for improving the efficiency of implantation of embryos in women (2013).

I have experience in teaching classical obstetrics and gynecology at the department of the National Medical University, I have trained a number of reproductive specialists who are successfully working in clinics in Ukraine and abroad (as Head of the Department of Assisted Reproductive Technologies). Repeatedly took part in organizing the work of departments for the treatment of infertility in multidisciplinary clinics in Ukraine, ISO certification.

-What if not 1 billion but 3 billion comes to you, i.e. half the world of the world’s population for programs in Ukraine under your direct supervision? Do you have anyone to help with organizing this process? The Internet just explodes knocking on your doors for an initial consultation. Do you sleep at night at all?

As you can see from my biography, reproductive medicine has long become my meaning of life and a way of thinking. Therefore, having significant knowledge and skills in this area, I want to go beyond the generally accepted framework of infertility treatment and help people make conscious choices that will bring them closer to fulfilling their cherished dream – the birth of a child. Having experience of training, work and cooperation with different clinics for the treatment of infertility, I do not want to advertise some and criticize others, but I can provide an “outside perspective” or “second opinion” that will help you independently find and choose exactly “your doctor” and successfully overcome infertility.

Doctor, in modern conditions of restrictions on the implementation of programs, could you help patients with telemedicine, in particular, cooperating with colleagues around the world, preparing patients?

– I own the full range of methods of infertility treatment, starting with a comprehensive examination and pregravid preparation and ending with a successful experience in conducting ART programs in patients with multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles, including donation and surrogacy programs.

And, of course, a standard set for pregnancy management, incl. in women with miscarriage, endocrine gynecology, ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, colposcopy, as well as psychological counseling on the problems of infertile marriage. And also – completely new methods of aesthetic gynecology for complete recovery after childbirth.

Today, given the communication capabilities of the Internet, I provide absolutely any consultations and programs remotely, patients often come only for the final manipulation, which must be done with their hands in order to complete our sometimes long and difficult joint preparatory path.

The realities of our time – meetings with patients, consultations, treatment plan – all online. We meet live only at puncture and embryo transfer.

If I had been told about this method of treatment ten years ago, I would have exclaimed: it’s impossible !!! And today it is not only possible, but the results are no worse. And in many ways better, more comfortable, better quality!

Online communication is now part of the daily doctor’s appointment. If you have questions, but there is no opportunity to get a consultation – write / connect / knock on messengers – I will answer at any time in a format convenient for you.

-What has changed in your attitude to life while working with the East? Have you found eternal harmony and the center of existence?

I realized that the main thing in life is balance. Nothing just happens. To help patients, it is not enough just brilliantly apply technologies; a certain spiritual attitude of all participants in the process is needed. And reach the required level of wisdom.

How do you hear nature, and how does it hear you? Are you engaged in meditation and Qigong, are you fond of traditional oriental medicine, art, poetry?

Yes. It is communication with nature, meditation, yoga, swimming that give the necessary energy and harmony to tune in to success in the fight against infertility.

-How to find you, where to go, what problems to contact you and who are you expecting to visit this year?

I am on all social networks, I have a personal website with coordinates and contacts. Depending on the specific problem, I propose various ways to solve it in Ukraine and abroad with my help. website:

Let me convey greetings from you and get involved in the interpenetration of the civilizations of the West and the East in the third millennium: Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Persians, Arabs, descendants of Turkestan, residents of the Far North and South from different continents and even Madagascar. Tell them something life-giving again, we know you really kindle hearts.

Every day I repeat to my patients during treatment: the baby will appear, with my help or with the help of my colleagues, in this clinic or another, in the eco program or in the natural cycle. But! Everything has its due time. Each pair has its own …

So take your baby home!

Thank you doctor for coming to this world, we wish you Taoist longevity, Tibetan tranquility, Caucasian hospitality in the offices of your network of clinics and the Nobel Prize in the world of medicine, for you really deserve it! Global medical science can only be proud of such a space mother from UKRAINE!

5 thoughts on “The Doctor of Ukraine to Convey Female-addressed fertility messages from the Universe. Phenomenon of Dr. Elena Mozgova and her life long Orient

  1. Dear Doctor, I am really happy to meet you in my life and you realized my dearest dream! We are so grateful for the happiness you brought almost 14 years ago! Our cordial greetings to you! We are proud of you to open new horisons in your professional activities! Good luck, Helen, go ahead ! You are doing a great thing and borders don’t matter!

  2. My name is Victoria, I want to share my story with you. A couple of years ago, my husband and I faced the problem of having a child (we live in Germany), local doctors prescribed therapy and various drugs, but unfortunately everything was in vain. All efforts crashed like waves on stones, Hope was leaving every day, and time, as we know, is working against us. In search of a solution to our problem, I reviewed many articles on reproductive medicine and everything related to it. As it turned out, the problem of infertility is very common in our time, and unfortunately it is only increasing for various reasons. We are immensely grateful that fate brought us together with Elena Mikhailovna, or, as the people are, a doctor of “golden hands”! After the consultation, we trusted ourselves to undergo a two-month therapy, and what do you think ?! After so many sufferings and trials by fate, another heart beat in me! Words cannot describe it, nor tell our immense gratitude to this person! Elena Mikhailovna solved our problem, and we can proudly declare, We became parents !! Thank you and your hands !!! You made our life!

  3. I know Helena Mozgova for rather long time, when we studied medicine in medical university and I am in contact till now. She has extraordinary ability to get result and to learn. If you want to succeed anywhere work with her. It proves her practice and my life experience.

  4. Mozgovaya Elena Mikhailovna is a wonderful doctor and a wonderful person.
    I was fortunate enough to work with her twice.

    In her work, Elena Mikhailovna is a real guru of reproductive medicine, this is a person who knows how to explain the course of all manipulations in an accessible way, to win over herself, a person who knows his job. It was very pleasant for me to cooperate with her team, and to go towards an overall positive result.

    Almost all IVF infusions that Elena Mikhailovna does are successful the first time.

    She kept my protocols twice, everything was prescribed there, very simple and accessible, the dosages of drugs were such that can lead to a successful result.

    Doctor Mozgovaya immediately becomes a friend for her patients, knows how to arrange, explain in an accessible way how to do everything correctly so that IVF is favorable.

    This is a very soft, calm and kind woman, you want to cooperate with her, communicate and be friends.

    Her professionalism is admired by her many years of experience in the field of reproductive medicine.

    Meeting with such a doctor, you immediately understand – the woman is in her place!

    Elena Mikhailovna made a lot of married couples happy in whom IVF led to the birth of healthy strong children.))

    I would like to wish Elena Mikhailovna that her work is always in demand and appreciated at its true worth, more of such wonderful wonderful doctors !!!

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    I wonder how much effort you put to create this type of
    wonderful informative site.

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