Vietnam: A Story of Manifestation in Expression

Vietnamese culture is the result of creative work and persistent struggle of thousands of years of building and defending the country of the community of ethnic groups in Vietnam, the result of the exchange and acquisition of the cultural essence of humanity. Vietnamese culture has fostered the soul, intellect, bravery, courage, and personality of the Vietnamese people. Culture is the spiritual foundation of the society, the goal is the driving force for sustainable development and firmly protects the homeland of Vietnam. Art and literature is a very important, especially delicate field of culture. Being the essential need to express the human goodness and beauty aspiration is one of the great motivations, directly contributing to building the social spiritual foundation and the comprehensive development of the Vietnamese people.

Human is the subject of creating culture, literature and art. Values ​​as a sociological philosophy are only useful and meaningful of natural and social things and phenomena. The literary and artistic value system is the system of crystallized ideological and artistic values ​​in literary and artistic works that directly foster the soul, intellect, bravery and personality for the development. all-electric human.

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During the past thirty-five years, in the cause of comprehensive national renewal, a process of innovation and profound and comprehensive development has taken place in Vietnam. both basic properties and characteristics of Vietnamese culture: advanced and imbued with national identity. The advanced nature is perceived as patriotism and progression, with the core content being the national independence ideal. Human happiness and the rich, free and comprehensive development in the harmonious relationship between the individual and the community, between society and nature. Advanced not only in thought content but also in expression form, in content conveying mediums. National identity includes sustainable values. The quintessence of the community of ethnic groups in Vietnam has been nurtured through the history of thousands of years of struggle to build and defend the country. These are passionate patriotism, national resilience, solidarity, sense of community, individual connection – family – village – Fatherland, benevolent tolerance, respect for moral and virtues. diligence in labor creativity, sophistication in behavior, simplicity in lifestyle. The national and cultural identity is still bold in the unique forms of national expression, subtlety in behavior, simplicity in lifestyle.

Compared with four decades ago, the current Vietnamese cultural and artistic value system in all activities of composing, theory, criticism, promotion, performance, publishing, distribution, and public All types: literature, theater, fine arts, music, cinema, photography, dance, and architecture all have strongly developed and diversified under the following trends: Conservation, succession redundancy, promoting good traditional values, absorbing the quintessence of human culture, in the process of approaching truly reflect the comprehensive renovation of the country, the process of proactive international integration, under key light of cognitive reasoning; Literature and art is a very important, especially delicate field of culture, the essential need expressing human’s aspirations of honesty and beauty. One of the great driving forces that directly contribute to building the spiritual foundation of society and the comprehensive development of Vietnamese people. The team of writers and artists has created works, literary and artistic images that crystallize the noble values ​​of the Vietnamese people, creating many new values ​​of Vietnamese people, of art and literature.


In addition to the above positive mainstream development trend, there is also a development trend that deviates from orientation, standard deviation, and chaos in the literary and artistic life. The number of works is increasing but few works of high ideological and artistic value. In a number of social ideal works. Aesthetic is not clear, social meaning is limited. Some artists still have limited access to and awareness of new life issues and have not fully felt the depth and complexity of the historic transformation process in the new period of the country, so they shunned the great problems of the country, followed small and trivial topics, the low tastes of a part of the public, lowered the educational function, emphasized one-way entertainment function. In some cases with extreme manifestations focusing only on dark and negative sides of present life, even distorting, distorting history or being manipulated by hostile forces, have composed, spread harmful works against the interests of the people and the country.

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The above negative aspects of the activities of composing, performing, and critical reasoning in literature and arts are the expression of value deviation. And this deviation in value is one of the direct causes affecting the situation that a not small part of the public receives a decline in ideology, morality and lifestyle.

Vietnam enters a new period of development, a period of comprehensive and synchronous innovation, promoting industrialization and modernization, proactively integrating into the world, building and firmly protecting the country, Vietnamese literature and arts must be developed comprehensively and strongly, deeply imbued with the humanistic and democratic spirit. Strive to compose many literary and artistic works of high ideological and artistic value which have a great effect on building people, both having a directional effect and meeting the increasingly high cultural – spiritual needs of people, deeply develop popular arts, at the same time focus on building and developing professional literature and arts. On the basis of preserving and promoting the values ​​of national literature and arts, continuing to expand international cooperation, selectively absorb foreign humanistic, scientific and progressive values, at the same time decided,that fails to impose tricks on, invading the culture of the hostile forces.

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Art and literature is the quintessence of aesthetic culture, a rich and sensitive field of culture. Literary and artistic works are subjective images of the objective world. That is the process of objectifying the subjective perceptions of the artist’s culture. The value of a literary and artistic work is related to the perception of life and the depiction that reflects and expresses the life of the artist. This reflection is not only a reflection of the objective world but also creates the objective world. The value of literary and artistic works is assessed by the height of the aesthetic social ideal and the quality of the artistic image that the artist shows especially effectively influencing the next audience. the direction of building people to develop comprehensively from physical, spiritual, personality, ethical, to intelligence, creative capacity,from social responsibility, civic obligations to sense of compliance with the law, from bravery, will to aspirations, from conceptions, directing views, from principled orientations to the process.


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