On the roads to peaceful continental destiny of Eurasia: Alena Netsevich – a lawyer of the heavenly call

Today we will talk about the prospects for crossregional relations of European companies in Asia, issues related to the understanding, legalization and conduct of corporate business in various industries. Our guest is a high-class specialist and practitioner of international jurisprudence who guided and acted in the resolution of complex issues with the participation of representatives of different and separated cultures, Ms. Alena Netsevich. For more than 11 years, she and the collegium have been working in the field of representing the interests of their clients in various countries of the European Union and Asia, facilitating their mutual understanding and harmonizing key processes both in people’s personal lives and directly at enterprises.

– Alena, please tell us about the challenges that European entrepreneurs and companies face during the period of lockdowns in countries today and how this affects foreign economic relations and relations between company owners and top management. Do you really have so much work as an international lawyer now that many processes simply fade in crisis conditions?

– As we can all observe, during the period of remote customer service, their regulatory framework, ensuring the work of all processes of any companies that have entered the international market thanks to their hard work and the main investment, the time they have devoted to the development of their business. For the owners of companies and top management, on the contrary, the moment has come when they can receive their profit with maximum return. For a real business, this is the strengthening of real, worthwhile, trusting ties, the moment of recognizing those partners with whom you can continue to keep up with the time. But it’s time for a change. And the branch of jurisprudence at this stage of world development is also being modernized and working with maximum dedication, which brings very worthy and valuable fruits of its labor. And this will continue to develop further consulting in the European and Asian markets, covering, in the future, countries with the least developed level of education, which simply need legal support. And no lockdowns are a hindrance to strong, reliable partnerships.

– Take, for example, a portrait of an entrepreneur who is trying very hard but is afraid to enter the markets of already difficult countries nased on the example of the Middle East or at least the very same China, and would like to open a representative office in one of these countries and at the same time calm about the fact that his/her business will work even when they are not around. What should they remember in the legal plane and what tasks will they most likely have to face?

– We do not have such a portrait of an entrepreneur, it simply does not exist. Our client is an entrepreneur, first of all, a person who knows well what he/she wants on and from the international market, because this is where the idea of ​​a business, business development, its support begins, and it just so happens that it is impossible to start a business without legal aspects. Therefore, competently drafted contractual terms for the delegation of work processes is a key factor in building a remote business. With decent legal support, your business should and will flourish.

The countries of the Middle East are the stability of the market and its economy in all aspects that exist. The construction of a remote business can be easily controlled by the delegation of affairs to a trustee who is ready to act in the common interests for the good and development with decent wages. Or remote video surveillance at a convenient time for the entrepreneur. The most important thing any entrepreneur will have to face is the trust in the company (person) with which he has to go further hand in hand and develop his business with a proven and reliable ally.

– Your mission in this regard, what kind of legal relations can you serve with the collegium for our European friends?

  • Translation of documents into any language;
  • Recovery of documents;
  • Notarized translations of documents;
  • Full maintenance and preparation of documentation for the registration of a legal entity;
  • Preparation of documentation for registration of a legal entity;
  • Registration of a legal entity;
  • Maintenance and documentation of legal entities;
  • Representation of interests of legal entities;
  • Opening legal accounts;
  • Registration of licenses;
  • Conclusion of two language contracts of any direction and complexity;
  • Help in retaining a client for a long time by providing qualified, fast and timely information / solutions (services) for our clients; Analyzing the quality of the services provided to make sure that they are provided as well as they should be;
  • Registration of documents for official stay in the country of registration of a legal entity;
  • Legal nuances of taxation for tax optimization;
  • All types of contracts for your business;
  • International structuring of your business;
  • Effective interaction with regulatory authorities;
  • Registration and protection of intellectual property;
  • Customs brokerage;
  • Passage of accreditation at customs;
  • Foreign economic activity.

-How complicated is arbitration in Asian countries now and why is it so difficult for Europeans to defend their disputes in countries with a complex and long-standing archetype?

– I think this is a sore question for many entrepreneurs who are faced with this task. My main position is the rightness and evidence base, which you need to have in advance and always have an entrepreneur in your archive, plus a worthy defense of your interests. It is necessary to save all the necessary documentation, and not the one that can harm you must be destroyed. Many entrepreneurs who were not prepared in advance for this issue simply lost sight of this issue, so it is difficult for them now, but where there is truth, there is truth and you just need to prove it.

Who usually gets to your abonnent service? In which languages ​​do you work and do you visit your clients in the places where they live or do you tirelessly solve their problems?

-We all know that there are no casual acquaintances, and the experience and acquaintances gained over the years are very helpful. Thanks to long-term and close cooperation in various fields, not only law, having international experience, we work in English, Italian, French, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian and also other languages in fellowship with colleagues. During a pandemic, I would like to visit my clients more often, you probably need to propose your own bill that will address the issue of borders between countries and their opening.

-Now there are so many international marriages, and everywhere, as you know, its own nuances in unions with complex cultures. Can you help here as well?

-Yes, it came with years and experience in this area. Again, it is a question of trust in your partner.

– Tell us about your vocation, what brought you into the world of law and what life urges led you to do what you are doing now and what you are developing. Where did you develop as a specialist and practitioner?

-It all started from European countries where the legal aspect played a major role in the formation of my worldview, it began at the age of 19, but by the age of 23 I already clearly understood that this right is my vocation for life, the practice began from European countries, directly from Italy.

-The impression is that you are sorely lacking time for tennis and swimming. You at least have time to unload by working at the intersection of civilizations and the silk roads of each of your wards.

Over the past period, I have rethought a lot and at this stage of my professional development it was decided that unloading is simply necessary, since it will help in the future to overcome everything and everyone in my path. Swimming is a panacea, and tennis is inevitable. We are working on this issue now.

-What would you wish our audience and can we find you if we need help? Let us work with you and your collegium, because there are still so many unresolved problems and questions in our active economic and civil life.

– After a long journey that I had to go through in my professional life, I am ready to help all our clients who. My doors are always open to suggestions, and I will find opportunities.

I would like to wish never to go off the intended path, there should always be a core in a person that holds us and moves us forward. Yes, yes this is it.

– Thank you for your valuable time and for being with us, send us feedback and notes from your clients, maybe even some of them will someday want to leave a comment under this interview. Welcome to the world of Eurasia with our Center! And we congratulate you on the recent Nowruz!

I thank all my listeners and clients for their time, which they devoted to me. Do not get sick and thank you all for being with me.

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