A portrait of Aryan Shirin, forgotten Excellence

We know less about the great women of Iranian history and the historical aspects of this country in general.  We read less history and generally do not read much.  Per capita reading in Iran is not the right situation.  But it is not too late to read.

 We can start reading with the motivation of meeting the great women of Iranian history.  To begin this discussion, we must say that the position and role of women in the social structure of Iranian society has always been a point of debate.  It seems that we have to look at the pages of history to examine the position of women.

 We have to study the official literature and folklore and find out how and why.  It is only with a thorough examination of this kind that we can hope that we have taken the right look and mechanism in this regard.

 Today, Iranian women are involved in countless political and social issues.  The trend of women in political positions and positions has grown significantly over the last 40 years.  But it is not enough because 50% of the Iranian society is made up of women and therefore many more sections of decision-making and influential centers should be involved.

 We are still a long way from reaching the face of Iran’s dream women.  Women’s demands are sometimes ignored and sometimes the necessary awareness of women about their rights is not seen.

 Therefore, in order to build the necessary self-confidence in women, it is necessary to delve into history and write about lionesses who have been leaders in various social, political and economic fields for centuries.

 The position of women in ancient Iran (powerful women from centuries past)

 Yutaab;  One of the great women in the history of Iran

 Yutaab is one of the first and greatest women in the history of Iran.  A woman with the position of a general who was the sister of Aryobarzan, the famous general of the imperial army of Darius III.  This powerful woman, in the battle with Alexander, along with Aryobarzan, commanded a part of the army.  In the Bakhtiari Mountains, Yutaab closed the way to Alexander.

 But the story of the betrayals is not about today and yesterday in Iran;  Rather, we hear the smell of betrayal from the past centuries of this land.  When Yutaab closed the way to Alexander in the Bakhtiari mountains, a traitor showed the way to Alexander and he invaded Iran from another direction.

 Yutaab is also referred to as Queen Atropatan (Azerbaijan) in the years 6 BC to 6 AD.  However, both Aryobarzan and Yutaab were killed on the way home, leaving an immortal name.

 Admiral named Artemis

 Artemis is another great woman in the history of Iran.  She is the first powerful lady and the only female admiral in the world to date.  In 40 BC, he became Admiral of Xerxes’ Imperial Army.  In the Iran-Greece war, he led the Imperial Iranian Army across the sea borders.  Greek historians have called her the most beautiful woman of all time.

 Atosa Queen of 28 Asian countries

 The Achaemenid Empire was and is one of the most glorious empires in the world.  When Dariush is the king, surely a first-class lady in that country also has the position of the first lady.  A lady named Atossa, who is one of the great women in the history of Iran and the queen of more than 4 Asian countries during the reign of Darius.  Herodotus, the father of history, referred to her as Queen Darius the Great.

 Herodotus also considered Atossa Darius, Darius’ intellectual and spiritual helper, several times in his campaigns.  According to Herodotus, several important historical battles and expeditions in Iran took place by order of Queen Atossa.

 Artakht, Parthian Minister of Treasury

 The Parthians were a democratic government with a collective mindset in running the country.  A complete government composed of several ministers from different Iranian families.  Women play an important role in this dynasty.

 Somehow, the Minister of Treasury and Finance of the Iranian government during the reign of Ardavan IV Parthian was a woman named Artadokht.  According to the Parthian author, Diakonov Rossi, a great orientalist, Artakht organized taxes and made no mistake in managing the finances, boosting the economy of the Parthian empire.

 The first leading women of Iran with the premise of Bibi Khanum

 Azaranahid a woman in the Kaaba of Zoroaster

 This woman was the queen of the queens of the Persian Empire during the reign of Shapur I, the founder of the Sassanid dynasty.  The name of this great queen and her governmental actions in the territory of Iran have been mentioned many times in the inscriptions of the Kaaba of Zoroaster in Fars province.  Azaranahid, who is one of the great women in the history of Iran, has been praised many times in this inscription.

 Perrin was one of the great women in the history of Iran

 Perrin is the name of an Iranian scientist who collected Avesta.  She was the daughter of Kiqbad, who in the year 24 of Yazdgerdi collected thousands of pages of Avesta manuscripts in the Pahlavi language for the future from all over the Aryan countries and wrote it once in full, and her name is forever recorded in the history of Iran.  Several other books have been reported by him that were probably destroyed in the fires of the invaders in Iran.

 Zarbano Barg Zarrin in the history of Iranian women

 Many women in the history of Iran have wielded swords and fought the enemies of this frontier, both as commanders and as commanders.  One of these great women in the history of Iran is Zarbano, whose main reputation is for her bravery in commanding and fighting.

 She was called Rostam’s daughter and Banooshshab’s sister.  The best rider who was at the forefront of battles and made heroes.  History has recorded his name as a warrior who freed Zal, Azarbarzin and Takhar from prison.

 The first woman minister in the history of Iran

 Farrokhro is the first woman in the history of Iran to reach the ministry.  The importance of reaching such a position becomes even greater when we know that this woman was not from the upper classes of society or the aristocracy, but a woman from the middle classes of society and the general public.

 But because of the merit she had shown, she became a minister.  To register her name in the pages of history as one of the great women of Iranian history.

 Kasandan was one of the great women in the history of Iran who was the advisor of Cyrus the Great

 Another woman who played an important role in advising and governing the country during her husband’s time is Kasandan, the wife of Cyrus the Great.  In fact, after the Shah of Iran, he was the first powerful figure in Iran.

 Kasandan, one of the great women in the history of Iran, ruled under the name of the Queen of Asia along with her husband Cyrus the Great.  Greek historians, including Xenophon, have described her as a good secretary.

 Pouran, the daughter of the Shah of Iran during the Sassanid period

 She was the first woman to become queen in Iran and ruled over more than 4 Asian countries.  After Ardeshir Shirviyeh, as the twenty-fifth Sassanid queen, she sat on the throne of Iran and ruled.  A just and just woman who caused mercy and blessings to abound in the country.

 Reaching such a position, this woman caused a golden leaf in the path of the great women in the history of Iran.  In fact, it made it seem difficult and unimaginable to reach any position.  Pooran Dokht wrote in a letter to his commanders: whether the ruler is a man or a woman, his most important duty is to keep and protect his land.

 Azarmidakht, the woman who became the queen of Iran

 The culmination of the status of women in Iran has been the attainment of the monarchy.  It means reaching the ultimate power.  This great woman becomes the emperor of Iran in 60 AD.  She was the daughter of Khosrow Parviz, who ruled over several Asian countries after “Goshtasb Bandeh”.  Azarmidakht was the thirty-second Sassanid queen.

 Sweet hero of love stories

 Armenia was one of the small cities of Iran and the Shah of Armenia was under the control of the Persian Empire.  Khosro Parviz and Sheeran created an epic of themselves that will always remain in history.  Shirin gave birth to four children named Khosrow, namely Nestor, Shahriyar, Foroud and Mardanshah, all of whom were killed in prison.

 After Khosrow’s death, Shirin put Khosrow on the bed (lifeless body) of Khosrow and by eating poison, he immortalized his love for Khosrow and died with his wife.

 Shahnameh women with the image of wisdom and thought

 Gerdafrid Gerdi Hemavard Sohrab

 She is another hero of Iran and one of the great women in the history of Iran.  History remembers her as the eighteenth daughter who experimented with Sohrab in men’s clothing.  The great Ferdowsi mentions her as a brave and courageous woman from the pure land.

 Gerdafarid was one of the warriors who were used as border guards because of their bravery.  In fact, it protected the Iranian ecosystem at the borders.

 A woman whom history does not forget

 We have to say that we want to talk about the Iranian warrior lady and the great women of Iranian history.  The story is a story of sighs and regrets.  A brave woman whose brother, Bahram Choobineh, perishes and she is forced to accept life with the Shah of Iran after her brother.

 If Bahram had not disappeared like this, perhaps the history of Iran would have changed!  Ferdowsi the Great referred to him as Khosrow Parviz’s Husmar.  Of course, according to the tradition, the relatives of the killed hero reached the victorious queen.  In fact, Gardiyeh had no choice but to marry the man who killed her brother.  According to historical reports, Gardiyeh has sided with the emperor in several battles and has shown great bravery.

 Crescent woman from Kianian dynasty

 According to the religious and historical book of Bandehshan, this Iranian woman sat on the throne of Iran during the Qianian period.  She was mentioned as the seventh queen of Kiani, who is also called “Homaychehr Azad” (Homay Vahmoun).

 She was the mother of Darab and sat on the throne of Iran after “Vohuman Sepandatan”.  She was the queen of Iran for 30 years with her beauty and power, and no report was recorded about her being abusive and making wrong and cruel laws.

 Rostam’s daughter is one of the great women in the history of Iran

 Banugshsab is another daughter of Rostam and the sister of the brave Zarbanavi.  The name of the warrior lady is mentioned a lot in Borznameh and Bahmannameh.  One of her most famous anecdotes is the triple battle of Faramarz, Rostam and Banoogshsab.  There is also a poem by Banu Ghassebnameh about her, a copy of which is now kept in the National Library of Paris and in the British National Library.

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