A scetch on implementation of Chinese tea culture into Human Resource Mananagement systems

The era connotation of tea culture

 Taking tea culture as the direction of dissemination and promotion of Chinese traditional culture not only has the connotation of the times, but also has its own unique value advantages.  With the help of the current Internet factors, tea culture is integrated with the technology of the times to help digital and connotative development.  The current tea culture can achieve excellent exploration of its own value in many aspects such as new media platforms, knowledge services, digital reading, and daily life services for the general public. It provides an important entry point for the majority of tea lovers. 

The series of practical behaviors and ideas explained in the entire tea culture system may be the development trend and important trend of civilized China in the future.  Therefore, in the current era, it is extremely important to actively innovate the development model, optimize the industrial form, combine the actual development of tea culture itself, and explore a reasonable communication model.  Cultural consumption is the main trend of current mass consumption. At present, China has entered a new era in which materials are extremely rich and cultural consumption is pursued. 

To a certain extent, tea culture has also achieved its own brand-new development.  Chinese tea culture was formed in the Tang and Song dynasties when productivity reached a relatively mature stage, and it is still constantly improving today.  In addition, in the current process of tea culture development, through active exploration, various emerging connotations have emerged, achieving the double harvest of social and economic benefits.  Of course, for tea culture, what the green ecology and health attributes interpret is a positive concept, which shows the value appeal of the public, and it is also a humanistic connotation. 

Especially in the new environment where the general public is concerned about health preservation, this brand-new industrial form greatly increases the value diversity and connotation vitality of tea culture, and realizes the effective integration of tea culture and public needs.  Tea culture has fully demonstrated its own value and meaning, and embodies its due cultural advantages.  The relevant elements and content of tea culture not only enable us to fully appreciate the value connotation of tea culture, but also taste the value maturity of the culture.  In fact, in the context of the exchange and development of traditional cultural mechanisms and the increasingly mature era, higher requirements are put forward for the promotion and display of tea culture. 

In today’s multicultural society, the entire tea culture system is fully integrated with richer and more three-dimensional values ​​and humanistic connotations.  Tea culture has become the quintessence of Chinese traditional culture, and it is also a fusion point between modern culture and traditional culture. Today, with the increasingly mature application of Internet technology, tea culture has also realized its own new display form.  Through the rational application of new media technology, tea culture has gained new vitality.

Analysis of the application value of tea culture in enterprise human resource management

 The humanistic concept of tea culture is consistent with the current corporate culture construction, especially focusing on tapping the value of people, and giving enterprise employees sufficient space and allowing them to develop creativity.  From the way of drinking tea to the specific cultural connotation, the tea culture has formed a deep integration and effective interaction with the creation and work of employees, which are worthy of our consideration at present.  The current active market environment, while providing a good development space for the company, is also increasing the work pressure of the majority of employees, and even testing the growth of the company’s employees. 

If we look from the perspective of improving the competitiveness of enterprises, in addition to clear development strategies and reasonable goals for enterprises, they must also focus on integrating into social reality.  With the further maturity of tea cultural activities, it provides us with an important foundation and platform for understanding traditional culture.  With the continuous improvement of the current tea culture communication and dissemination, the entire tea culture has now spread and developed in new and in-depth areas. 

In the current specific forms of communication, it is worth exploring in which way traditional tea culture should be integrated into the public’s cultural consumption and daily life in a way that is easy to be accepted and understood by the public.  The emergence and emerging dissemination of the tea culture system can be said to be the result of accumulation and precipitation in the long-term tea drinking habits. With the help of information technology, it also allows us to fully experience the traditional tea culture in the current culture of the times, through the transformation of the times,  The integration and application of tea culture has become a trend.  The development of an enterprise ultimately depends on the integrated application of resources. Only when resources reach the best application state can they ensure the strongest competitiveness.  As the most core resource, talents are in line with all aspects of enterprise development. 

At the same time, in the specific implementation of human resource management, it is necessary to integrate corporate characteristics with talent management and cultural connotation and other links, and focus on enhancing the actual value of human resource management.  At present, the convenience and advantages of technology are gradually becoming obvious. Under this background, in the process of modern enterprise construction, it is necessary to make full use of technological progress, focus on improving management experience, actively innovate enterprise development models, and build a modern enterprise system with advantages of the times.

The application strategy of tea culture in enterprise human resource management

 In fact, the culture of any period has an important relationship with the social environment at this time.  This is the focus we must pay attention to, and it is also the basis and prerequisite for the rational and effective application of tea culture.  In the current industrial transformation and structural development, each enterprise promotes the construction of mature and complete industrial concepts and thinking by incorporating modern human management concepts and combining scientific human resource management mechanisms.  Looking at the application of corporate human resources from the perspective of resource development is not only a mature concept, but also a value concept that respects employees.  During the current enterprise development and transformation, it is necessary to focus on changing the human resource management thinking, especially to change the traditional thinking of employing people, and no longer simply rely on “material rewards”. It is necessary to use cultural concepts and emotional thinking to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, through the integration of tea.

  The cultural concept and thinking can effectively explore the employees’ work identity, so that the employees can find a reasonable position in the development of the company.  At the same time, the connotation and stability of tea culture can effectively guide the formation of a good atmosphere and positive work style in the enterprise, inspire employees to break through their own value, and provide motivation support for the transformation of the enterprise.

  For an enterprise, when managing its employees, it is necessary to focus on creating a good environment for its employees, and by establishing a new employee-oriented management thinking, so that employees can feel the deep care of the company.  The key to the formation of tea culture is that it always adheres to the person’s dominant position and creativity.  Under the guidance of tea culture, when human resource management is innovated, a scientific management system must be constructed, and enterprise development and human management must be combined, and the best results of enterprise operation can be achieved through the implementation of a humanized and service-oriented management model. 

In view of the current competitive environment in which the enterprise is located, it is necessary to focus on constructing a sound practical approach to cultivate and mobilize the skills of the employees of the enterprise, and to train employees to form the necessary innovative thinking and learning ability through reasonable guidance, especially in the environment of the knowledge economy era.  Employees must adapt to changes in the environment, constantly reflect and learn to summarize, so that the company and employees can grow together and realize their own value. 

For the current business operation, employees are required to dare to break through their own thinking, always participate in business activities with an innovative attitude, and achieve the greatest excavation of the value of human resource resources by stimulating their own creativity.  In the construction of the current modern enterprise system, it is necessary to focus on enhancing the “subjectivity” of enterprise talents, and to effectively break the limitations of traditional human management activities by giving play to the spiritual connotation interpreted by tea culture, thereby effectively cultivating enterprise employees’ consciousness  ability, and build a strong talent team in the superposition of internal and external development factors of the enterprise. 

Of course, in the information age today, the cultural connotations of companies that can be applied are also becoming increasingly diverse. In addition to cultural diversity and connotation, through the use of advanced technology application advantages, such as the use of big data, corporate management mechanisms are in rapid development.  in.  Of course, in the current modern enterprise construction activities, constructing a complete and modern human resource management mechanism can not only effectively ensure the efficiency of enterprise development, but also effectively ensure the value rigor and rationality of this work, and even efficient management.  For enterprise development, if you want to build a perfect human resource mechanism, you need to base on the employee-oriented concept, break through the existing thinking, and truly display the value of human resources by incorporating the value connotation of the tea culture concept.


 In today’s comprehensive innovation of enterprise management system, modern enterprises fully appreciate the profound power brought by a good culture.  Human resource management is a management activity that focuses on market development and human work. Therefore, if you want to achieve the ideal goal of business operations, you need to fully focus on the integration of industry resources and build an intensive management mechanism.  Combining with the humanistic thinking contained in tea culture, this culture can provide essential guidance for modern enterprise management and lay an important support for the construction of a modern enterprise system.

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