Welcoming Letter of the Founder

Dear friends from all of the global continents!

This crucial time of challenges that both our life dream and our business face and remind us of the foundation that connects people and nations, which is mutual understanding. It comes through deep understanding of values that surround people from other cultures, as well as active desire to strengthen the bridge of cooperation even if your partner is from completely different ethical dimension and civilization circle.

The East, the Orient or simply yet still undiscovered and mysterious Asia tells us a lot of human origin, human ways and how different and unique even nowadays in the 21st century people can be and maintain its hereditary archetype, showing the direction of technological, ecological and economical wellbeing and integration at the same time.

Hence being a part of the big and endless Way (道) our center is not meant to discover anything new for the world, neither to standartize with its own interpretation, but rather deliver and nurture the authentic consciousness, encompassing the harmony of cooperation on the example of European society that got all chances and platforms to outreach its close Friend in the East, guided by the star that is lit by welcoming and hospitable doors of Asia. The name of this star is Setare Orientalis. And those who want to enter these doors should learn how to build the strongest and inseparable bridge maintaining the integrity and mutual support with inner enrichment on the silk way of their hearts and minds.

We will share the authentic, refined and academic knowledge, life truths and principles of regional management. We will have a try doing everything to heal and reproduce the new person, new self, new awareness, new sense within you. We will open the doors to realms of uniquely advanced richness and unprecedented delight, by becoming witnesses of how you create peace, prosperity, longevity and wisdom in your own life and with your own teams. We won’t leave you without connections to your dreamworld and the contacts of sustainable cooperation. We will always devellop, and grow, and go, and move forward sharing the pot of your favorite green or flower tea, where Jasmine is only the name, but the aroma it gives and the taste that enters inside of you will last as long and happy as you enjoy the journey of your whole life with us.

Welcome to the European Center of Oriental Humanities and Asia Business Development

Kind regards and Salam!

Petro Rybalchenko